Movie Review-Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie

Plot-A serial killer by the name of Hate, stalks and murders the customers and workers at a Haunted Hay Ride on Halloween. Directed by Warren F. Disbrow.

Review-Watching this film you can tell Warren was inspired by films like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. This film had the pacing of the original Halloween. ( not the Zombie remake) The story starts with this character that goes by Hate. He has this police man tied up. We learn that this police man may be his abusive father. He then cuts off his arms and legs and talks shit to him the whole time. The Freddy Kruger reference comes from Hate, always having to say these bad one liners at the end of each kill or smart ass comments. Like killing someone was not enough, he has to rub it in. Which I will say, I was a fan of. It added a sense of humor to this film. Hate is supposedly supernatural, but I did not see anything in this film that would lead me to believe that. He seemed like a mad at the world, want to avenge his childhood and the wrongs done to him kind of serial killer. I wish this film would have gone more in detail about why Hate is this way, why he wears this almost kabuki like mask. That was some of the downfalls for me, this film really had no backstory or character build up. And to watch a group of people buy drugs and flush them down a toilet in paranoia, really builds no characters. I think Hate is a strong enough killer to build a franchise around. I would just love a history lesson. Is Hate human, why does he want to kill everyone? This film was a orgy of indie cheap kills and blood.

This film had so many nods to the old school, it was hard not to have fun with it. I love slasher films, I love the aspect of someone, anytime or place just coming up and getting you. This film while slow at times, delivered a second half that was anything but slow. While some of the blood and gore looked bad, ( not good bad, but bad bad) I still applaud the effort. With Part 2 up next on my dvd player and promises of more Hate goodness, how can I not be excited about what this franchise can produce. I love the character Hate and I think, he is at least a cut above The Orphan Killer and a lot of other slashers as of late. While not a perfect film, it was at least a decent watchable fun enough time.

7 out of 10