Movie Review-Hack Job

Plot-An anthology film with three stories. Ranging from mummies, alien possession, and a evangelist killing vigilante. This film promises you tits, ass and monsters. Also you get little side skits and commercials. In addition, this film has quite the cast, Lynn Lowry, Debbie Rachon, Keith Crocker, Lloyd Kaufman, Oderus from Gwar and etc. Yes, I said Keith Crocker…

Review-Before we discuss this film, the marketing campaign for this film is genius. Chances are: whatever horror magazine you read, you have seen this ad at least once. Chances are: whatever horror website you check out, you have seen this film reviewed. This film almost feels like a rite of passage, that you have to either see it or own it, to claim you are a horror fan. Genius marketing guys. That being said, I have never heard of Acid Bath Productions before this release, and after it, I am hoping this is just the start. I will not be saying this is a masterpiece, but for what it was, it was a cut above some of the other anthologies as of late.

This film focuses on James and Mike who are so sick of art films taking all the credit, and that horror feels ignored. Which I think a lot of us can relate to. They get this script from hell called Hack Job. Right from the get go, you know this film does not take itself seriously. The first ten minutes alone, anywhere it can show off tits and ass, it takes advantage. They start this film off with a odd parody called Deep in the Director, where they crash an interview with their message about art films, when the director of The life and death of an Avacado is being interviewed. From there, this film breaks into three tales. The first is about some nazi’s of the SS who awaken a mummy curse. When a plane crashes in Mumbai, and the survivor must help the people stop the mummies. This was basically a lot of low budget effects and some fun looking gore. If these two things appeal to you, this story will feel like a wet dream. There is very little in terms of a story or plot, what you do get is laughable, but they deliver tons of death scenes and gore moments. Hand Grenades, heads falling off to almost a love story. It went by real fast and was fun. Now, we go to story 2. Named Earth is on the Menu. Starts off in a diner, where Betty is trying to thwart the advances of Slick and his goons, and when she backs up to avoid Slick trying to grab her she gets fired. So, when the owner of the diner goes outside to dump garbage,he is witness to this meteor thing falling to earth from ??. And as fate would have it, it would land right in front of him. What is inside, has the ability to take over its host. This throwback to the 50’s was fun. Also, as fate would have it, the finale to this story would take place at the battle of the bands, where everyone is at. At this point in the film, this feels like a indie horror version of Amazon Women on the Moon. All the people involved in this film are not above poking fun of themselves for the viewer’s enjoyment. Case in point, is the segment between story 2 and 3. James and Mike take their script to Troma studios to try and pitch it to Lloyd Kaufman. No matter what fans think of Lloyd, give the man some credit. He can take his legacy and totally be at ease with making light of it. He is telling them how awful the script is, just from the description of it. But, has a vision of Toxic Avenger and Sgt Kabukiman being a crime fighting duo that he pitches to the 2 guys. Which breaks into this goofy montage/ commercial that totally lampoons both legacies. Story 3 is where I had my issues. The Mark. Where the other two were fun and poking fun of themselves. This story felt like it tried to be serious. And it just failed. Now, it does have some light moments I thought were funny. Like the main character’s girlfriend who is cheating on him. She was funny. He kisses her and there is a red pubic hair in his mouth after. When she finally dumps him, there is this line of guys who follow her to get laid. Sort of like the pied piper leading the mice. I wont harp on this too much, I will say beside little moments like that, this was supposed to be ” offensive” because it was attacking tele evangelists. I thought it was not offensive at all, it was just not as good as it could have been. With films like this, they tend to lose some steam as the film goes on. This film for the most part was a fun time. This film has enough heart, and good intentions to recommend it. If you are into anthologies, this is way better than Chillerama and Creepshow 3 for sure. This film seems to know who it’s target audience is, and played to their likes. Gore, female nudity, blood, loud music, simple plots and stories, and humor. Who would this target? I mean, they have a commercial in this film for a product called ” You shit now”. And, they get to use this in the film. Who would this target?

7.5 out of 10