Movie Review-Dead/Undead

In 2002, a group of Michigan filmmakers went out with 4 days to shoot, and a thousand dollar budget and created this, ” cult classic”. Sounds pretty crazy huh. On top of these already insane conditions, they allowed themselves 2 months to have the film ready to premiere. That alone, just sounds like the recipe for disaster. Released in 2002, this story of 7 stereotypical teenagers, that are on there way to Pleasant Meadows Youth Counseling camp, with no idea of what is there waiting for them in the woods just works. You can tell Sam Raimi was a huge influence on this style of filmmaking. This film has nods here and there to Evil Dead, especially in the humor and mood of the film. They introduce us to a legendary demon/creature named The Sorcalak, who takes on the characteristics of the person who has slain it. When attacked by the creature, you do not die, you become either zombie vampires, or just zombies. There is a scene in the woods with a stoner that if you guys dug the film Shrooms, you can see where they got the influence from. Main character Alice, you can just tell in the beginning of the film, just does not fit in with these guys. Once, they get off the bus, she starts to have visions. It is later discovered she practices Wicca. One night in the woods, she tries to cast a spell to protect them from the evil that is coming to kill them. This chant starts a chain of events that carry this film all the way to the finish.

This film from start to end is just a fun time. The script is smartly written and also gives you just as much humor as it does gore. Also, when you watch the 20 minute documentary on this shoot. One of the things that you learn is that main character Alice ( played by Jana Kramer) was working thru a very bad back injury that limited a lot of what she was doing. It was feared among crew members, she would not be able to move at all. Thank god she made it through the filming, because watching this film, you will see why she is now a big star.

I also learned watching this dvd, that this film is celebrating a 10 year anniversary. This film and the documentary that follows it, should be a must watch for anyone with the vision and dream to become a filmmaker. All in all, this film is a must for all you gore hounds who love the humor with it. You will think this should have been your Army of Darkness. Lord knows, I did.

9 out of 10