Movie Review-Bag It

Plot- You ever tried going a day without plastic? Jeb Berrier embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastic and its effect on our waterways, oceans and even our own bodies. We see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it.

Review-There is no denying that there is a good message in this documentary. At 79 minutes, the film raises a lot of points about the dangers of plastics from a number of different means. From the harms of pollution, to the evil of chemical additives. I understand films like this are meant to make a point or maybe scare us a little, but to dedicate 79 minutes, talking about plastic is almost like standing outside a Wal Mart and telling people ” do not shop there, big brother will get you”. I get grocery bags are harmful, but so is water and food. Even veggies are bad for you. Why do we have to keep putting americans in fear? It is to the point, that we really cannot do anything or have anything in our homes because it is all harmful. Should we just go back to the caves and eat dirt? I get it, we kill animals for food..we have ideas how many innocent people are killed daily for us to have the fuel to feed our automobiles. We have a crooked government, and that the recession will have more causalities. CNN tells us, by 2016, we may finally have a surge in a postive direction and the job market is back on track. I sit here and listen to all the evils about plastic containers. Again I get this, we live in a scared country… again I ask, do we really need more fear? I get the message, and I know that you have to get a point across but at what cost? This film even knows it does not talk a lot about it, but let’s be honest. What happens when people stop using plastic is simple, we going to kill trees to make baskets, and paper bags again? Then, what happens we have no natural beauty anymore? Simple, when we have a documentary about the death of the forest…we will be using that harmful plastic. You know smoking gives you cancer, and kills millions of people. The tobacco industry makes over 70 billion a year.

The film succeeds in establishing the ecological harms of single use plastic. Again, this was not a bad film. I am just sick of people who sit there and give us all these alternatives, and tell us about the evils, and after all the talk what else do they do? Good Question. Michael Moore is to blame for documentaries that have this new ” lets all solve the problem right now” attitude. But, like Moore, the second half was..” while I sit in my big house and watch you idiots do my job for me”. Ask Moore, what he did for Michigan when they finally got a surge? Oh yeah, he was counting his money he made off his home town and praying they would not ask for his help. Films like this, like to take all the credit, but do zero of the work. And true, they give you a message, but this is subliminal advertising for them to get you to fight their fights. I think you guys would enjoy the film, but in the end, we all know what is harmful for us and the truth is…a lot of us are content. If a film about slaughtering innoncent chicken does not kill companies like Tyson and make people stop eating think they care about where their plastic products come from? Why lie, let’s be honest…ask half of the people who vote, why they pick a candidate and most people cannot even give you one reason that is logical. But, when that candidate fails the american populus who voted for him will cry, scream and bitch about how they could do better than the candidate.

7 out of 10