Metal Review: Blood Mortized – The Key to a Black Heart

Metal Review: Blood Mortized - The Key to a Black HeartSwedish death metal is always fun to listen to and what makes it even better is when you are listening to a new release from a Swedish death metal band in which which you loved their last release. That is the case with Blood Mortized. Their latest effort, The Key to a Black Heart, is another solid release and is much more than I expected going in. I pretty much figured that I would be into it. but it was nice to hear a sense of progression from their previous effort, Bestial.

Unleashing the Hounds opens the album and brutal on many fronts. You have the massive guttural vocals from Mattias Parkkila which are as strong, or even stronger than Blood Mortized’s previous effort. The song is littered with massive death metal riffs.

The next track is The Heretic Possession and this one goes a bit of a different route. The tempo is increased here, but the same power can be found. There are even some massive melodic riffs mixed in with the heavy rhythms. This track especially shows the diversity that Blood Mortized brings to the table.

Only Blood Can Tell comes in next and starts off with a clean intro which lead into some powerful chords filling in the space. This track is simply evil and brooding. the double bass alone just pounds inside your chest.

Dead And Rotten comes at you next and is pure power and controlled chaos. This yet another nice track as are all of the tracks on the album really. The album just explodes with everything that I love about Swedish death metal or even just death metal in general. When you get a chance to get your hands on The Key to a Black Heart, make sure that you do.

Suffice it to say, Blood Mortized has brought another gem to us in the form of The Key to a Black Heart. I am extremely happy that I was contacted by the band to review the album and I hope to hear much more from them in the coming years. On a side note, bring it to the U.S. soon boys.

The Key to a Black Heart – CD Version
1.Unleashing The Hounds (Rick Rozz från Massacre,Death,M inc)is doing a solo on this song
2.The Heretic Possession
3.Only Blood Can Tell
4.Dead And Rotten
5.Doomsday Architect (Rick Rozz från Massacre,Death,M inc) is doing a solo on this song
7.To Murder A God
8.Shadow Of The Quarter Sun
9.Bringer Of Eternal Death
10.The Key To A Black Heart

Blood Mortized
Old style dirty-rotten-unpolished Swedish Death Metal the way it was truly meant!
BLOOD MORTIZED was founded by vocalist Mattias Parkkila and guitar player Benny Moberg in Stockholm, Sweden in late 2007. The music is constructed and de-constructed by veterans of the Swedish old school death metal scene.

In April 2008 guitarist Anders Biazzi (formerly Hansson) joined the band, followed by drummer Mattias Borgh in late August 2008. After having inked a deal with Vrykoblast Productions, BLOOD MORTIZED recorded their self-titled debut album which was unleashed upon the world in April 2009. In early 2010 Moberg left the band. As a trio BLOOD MORTIZED recorded the enourmosly critically acclaimed ”BESTIAL” EP.

In February 2011 Gustav Myrin joined the ranks as the new second guitar player and in June Mattias Söderlund was drafted as the new bass player. Currently signed to FDA Rekotz and Chaos Records BLOOD MORTIZED are now recording their sophomore album entitled ”The Key To A Black Heart” which will be relased in November 2011. The album is, as the BESTIAL EP, once again recorded and produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording.

Blood Mortized is:

Mattias Parkkila: Vocals
Previously a member of bands such as Stigmata, E.G.Y.P.T and Excretion. Session vocals for Excruciate. Current side projects are Birch Mountain and Malfeitor.

Anders Biazzi: Guitar
Biazzi (formerly Hansson) was a member of early death metal bands like Patholog, Scum and Amon Amarth. Biazzi played with Amon Amarth between 1991 and 1998 and performed on the bands demos and the first two official releases.

Gustav Myrin: Guitar
Played with early death metal band Pathalog. Relased demos, three albums and toured with dirty rock & rollers Apes IQ between 2001 until 2010. Now back where it all begun.

Mattias Söderlund: Bass
Recorded albums and toured heavily through Scandinavia with Swedish punk legends Charta 77.

Mattias Borgh: Drums
A member of early old school bands such as Embryo and the newly resurrected cult phenomen Crypt of Kerberos. He is also well known for his percussive work with Arcana.