Movie Review-Naked Horror

Coming to dvd April 2012

Plot-Terror lurks in the dreams or reality of a young woman, who discovers that she is unsure what is real, dream or nightmare.

Review-Before, I review this film. I want to say to any critic, who sits there and bitches, that all horror movies these days feel the same. Complains on and on, and demands change or something different. And when they get that film, they either do not support it or wish it was more like this film or that film. Naked Horror may not be for you. This movie is a tough sell in some aspects. You have no dialogue for 30 minutes and the script, is only what 30 sentences in the whole movie. The movie focuses on Priya. She is part of a website called Naked Horror. Where people share their stories, or in this case Priya shares her stories of hallucinations, night terrors, and not being able to separate reality from the dreams. The opening credits have the website going thru words that Priya is dealing with while flashing images of Priya looking seductive. Which Priya does not fail at. The opening sequence of the movie, we get Priya dancing to some generic pop rock in her panties and long t shirt while making popcorn. Then immediately after, she sits down to watch Long Pig. (In case you did not know that is Carlo Rodriguez debut movie.) She falls asleep during the movie ( which may not be a good advertisement for the film), and starts having dreams about pissing, blood and being unsure what is going on or where she is, and why she is naked. Carlo Rodriguez, whether you like him or not, gets a lot of credit in my book. He has a odd style that works. He creates a gothic horror sexy. There are some scenes in this movie that are made for shock, but Priya oh my god she makes them seem like sexual. An hour into the movie, Priya wants to go to the source of the problems. Which was really full of some cool images and had some major balls for attempting. Also, while on the subject of ballsy, what a cool ending. This movie is nothing more than images meant to manipulate thought and create a perverted interest. Needless to say, they worked on both levels. The bathtub scene is so diabolically insane. Kind of like a manipulated cruelness, that many think religion has on people. I love to be challenged as a movie fan or critic. When someone presents something to me as different, I expect it to be different. And this was in many ways different. I did not mind the dialogue in the movie, though it really added nothing to the film, beside the fact, you know what they sounded like. I was hoping Priya would never talk, when she did it made her seem less effective. Like she was speaking words to shock. But, the images and art to this movie,I applaud. This movie lived up to its title and Carlo either has the actresses trust alot, or they have no idea just how much of their bodies would be shown. I have seen the future of indie film tonight… This is my new horror. This is a cool movie. Something tells me I will be seeing that end piece again soon.

8 out of 10