Movie Review-Halloween – Resurrection

Michael comes home on blu ray April 17th

Plot-Plot-Six people are recruited to spend Halloween in the Myers house, where maniacal Michael Myers used to live. The guys and gals are equipped with miniature video cameras so their experiences can be broadcasted live on the Internet. Can you believe this film is a decade old?

Review-I call a film like this a curse to horror fans. They give you a popular icon in our community and totally damn the legacy. Now, the blu ray quality is a few steps above the dvd release, so keep that in mind if you have the dvd copy. I know there are a lot of fans of this film, so to them I can recommend owning this one, over the original release on dvd a decade ago. Why does Michael Myers have to follow the popular trends and be more with the times? This is a man who spent most of his life in a asylum. Why not just truly kill the legacy more and give him a pair of Chuck Taylors, a Slipknot T Shirt, ipod and a cell phone? Even the blu ray cover art, what a rip off of films like Scream. When did Halloween have to rip off a horror film? I understand trying to get with younger crowds or maybe try to re-market the franchise, but at what price? Losing your original fans? Take notes from films like Hellraiser. Do not change the formula or try to modernize it. Now, for all the Rob Zombie haters, watch this film before you watch anything he did with the franchise. At least Zombie, did not try to alter Myers to fit with the times. He made Myers a monster. This film makes Myers look like a complete joke. This film felt more like a spoof or a killing off, then it did a actual film.

This film any way you slice it is a fast cash scheme on the fans of this franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis is on the cover art, but how long is she actually in the film? 10 minutes may be a few minutes more or less? The internet boom, reality tv, Haloween tried to find some kind of selling point to pop culture. So much so, it thought “well let us include at least 5 selling points and if one fails, we have four to fall back on”. Just from the way they killed off Laurie Strobe, you can tell that both Miramax and all involved could have cared less about what the franchise meant to the fans. Even Jamie Lee Curtis should be placed in the blame. She was the character that gave this franchise its voice. When you can tell she did it for the money, really tells you that people do not care about things like ” respect” or ” fans” when it comes to career choices. Also starring: Tyra Banks, Busta Ryhmes, and Thomas Ian Nicholas (from American Pie) and etc. With those names alone,looking at the casting choices so far, I am shocked that they did not go with Jenny McCarthy playing Laurie and Carson Daly playing Michael Myers. It had a few ok moments, here and there and I know there are a lot of fans who really liked this film. This is not my ” Halloween” and if you are a old school fan, this film feels like a black eye on the franchise.

2 out of 10