Movie Review-The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Plot-This film addresses, our willingness to put anything in our mouths that people call food. Without even knowing what chemicals are in it, and what effects those chemicals could have on our body, both long term and short term. Dory ( played by Marshall Allman, who plays Tommy Mickens on True Blood and also played LJ, Linc’s son on Prison Break) he is having such a bad day. A routine walk around a Seattle Beach, turns bad when he tries to retrieve a bottle out of the water with a note. He falls into the water trying to get the bottle, gets the bottle and breaks open the bottle which cuts his hand, then discovers the note says ” Fuck you”. So, he goes back to his high paying data job, and he is going thru a meltdown that results in him taking the girls cell phone beside him and crashing it into pieces. Now jobless, a friend of his suggests a job to him, to be a janitor at Spiffy Jiffy. He is the night janitor at a market research firm. One of their clients have these cookies which are called self heating cookies. These cookies are highly addictive. That have all of these chemicals inside them to keep your body warm when you eat them. The marketing firm choose to use Dory and his co workers as their lab rats and test the cookies by leaving them in a bowl for the janitors at night to eat. Soon the janitors, discover these cookies are causing alternate realities, hallucinations and violent outbreaks. And even worst, male pregnancy.

Review-I remember when I first watched Trainspotting, I did not have a clue about the film, but by the end I was all over the film. Tribecca Films have hit a absolute home run. This film is hilarious, and it is original. The camera work was jaw dropping and at times, I felt like I was stoned. The character of OC to me stole the film.( played by Vince Vieluf) He gets a check in the film later in the movie from some kind of settlement. And decides to create not only toilet art but coats for the homeless that on the back say ” I’m sorry”. When the men start conceiving the blue fish looking thing from their pregnancies, it is just hilarious. One character who is a stoner called Methyl ( played by Tygh Runyan who some of you may know from SGU as Dr Caine), Dory and OC, are going to videotape Methyl’s birth of his blue fish, which is just silly and fun. And, when they finally do capture a blue fish, Methyl names it Little Dizzle. And as Edward Furlong made his mini comeback in Night of the Demons, his ex Natasha Lyonne is here making her comeback. She plays one of the execs at the firm, who falls for OC. And for you American Pie fans, she really has fun in this role and it is great to see her back on film.

This film has a series of musical montages, that I will say were probably some of the best I have seen in film, in quite a while. I did not want this film to end. I had such a good time. And Natasha Lyonne is still beautiful and awesome. The whole feel of the film is almost like Trainspotting meets the Wall. It is almost like a painting put to life, it was beautiful to look at and thoroughly entertaining to watch.Tribecca has hit a home run and fans of art house small comedies will have a blast with this film.

8 out of 10