Movie Review-The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)


Coming to dvd Feb 14th 2012

Let’s be honest before we get into this review, this is by far one of the most anticipated horror release for 2012..that fans are going to buy this, rent this or VOD it almost immediately. I am just happy to see horror films have that so called ” major” release feel and trust me, this film has it…and whether you love it, or hate cannot dismiss that a lot of people have the calander marked and are stoked for this film.


Plot-Shot in black and white, the sequel (?) to The Human Centipede is about the obsession Martin has with the first Centipede film. Martin is a obese sad loner who was sexually molested by his father and treated like shit by his mom. But, he finds joy in watching others go thru pain, and is one of those people who thinks that the film is talking to him, that he should set out and try to duplicate it. With a twist, instead of a three person centipede, Martin is trying to get a 12 person centipede. As part of this sick fantasy he seeks out the original cast of the first film, with Ashlynn Yennie being the sole one to come to a supposed screen test for a Quentin Tarantino film, to be the icing on the centipede cake.


Review-Let me start off with the negatives, what made the first film so special is lost in this film. The first film you felt for the victims and felt their pain. I mean the ending alone is quite the way to end the film. Now, Tom Six has decided to change the formula, and no offense to anyone but to me it just seemed desperate. And this time instead of sympathizing with the victims, you almost sympathize with Martin. There are so many lost souls like Martin in this world, that maybe we have encountered and we feel for them. I mean Tom Six, gives you the scenario about him, ok if this was not bad enough, what about this, and that. I mean during a family dinner, mom tells Martin she wants to kill both of them. And then she slashes her wrist in front of him. Blames him for his father/her husband sexual abuse of Martin. Martin laughs and cries, but never speaks thru the whole film. And what a concept, if you are not a surgeon and need someone to go ass to mouth why not yank out all their teeth, cut their ass bigger around and staple the mouth in. Where the first one was patient and built the centipede sequence where it meant something, this film is just gore  for gore sakes, ok if this does not gross you out..what about this or that. Now, I am a gore hound and love the sick shit, but not in lack of a story. You are going to tell me I can just tell Ashlynn, ” hey I am going to bring you to a movie set” and she would be down to go to a abandoned warehouse with a creepy person who never spoke one word to her. And that was another bad thing, you are trying to outsmart your fans, and bring in Ashlynn and do a Scream/New Nightmare sort of feel, but she was wasted and it did not seem so special. Then, he gets this Centipede, which is not exactally 12 people,( which I wont talk about..spoiler territory) and injects them with laxatives so they will shit in each others mouth and fart in their faces. And, then when it is going full on, he has to leave the room cause he gets sick. This film is supposed to be a knock on film obsession and how people take movies so serious. Like Martin, who has watched Centipede like a 100 times and even made diagrams of what he wants to do. Then, we get a pregnant girl, who gives you more gross out moments and supposed to be cutting edge and talk about controversial, but felt like just numbing esp. since this film just felt like it was one gross out to another with no reason or meaning, but just to do it cause they can. It felt wasted. Martin has a crowbar and a gun, and he uses them so much, but no one ever notices and he never gets caught. I did like the black and white feel somewhat, the blood scenes were not as effective cause of this, but the drama side of the film looked like a nod to old school films like Laura sort of. Of course, Martin has to have this asthma that seems like each scene he is going to die.


The positives, it delivered the gross out factor..and some of it, I had fun with. I like the concept of a obsessed mentally ill man wanting to re duplicate what he seen on tv, I think it is a sign of the times. That many people mimic characters and films so much, they lose identity. I did not see the ending coming, though it felt was still a shocker he would end it that way. Sort of ballsy. I like Tom Six tried to think outside of his box and change the formula, whether I agree or disagree..I am glad he did not try to rehash the first film. About being banned by this or that, I did not see anything that should say this film is harsher than that film or another film. If you seen Hostel, Inside, Martyrs, or the first Centipede film there is nothing in this film that is worst than what those films and others have offered. While I did put a bad comment on the pregnant girl, I will say there is a scene that is pretty cool involving her that made me laugh and cheer.


All in all, I did not hate the film..I was just letdown somewhat because I was such a fan of the first film and thought Tom would raise the bar with this one. Would I watch it again, hell yes. Is it top 10 worthy…not really but it leaves us with the question of what could part 3 do to end this trilogy


7.75 out of 10