Movie Review-Zombie Allegiance

Plot-Cannibals, Zombies, Necrophilia – Welcome to the U.S.A.In post-World War III America, where the walking dead outnumber the living, a determined band of mismatched survivors scour hostile terrain in its quest for shelter and community.But not all the living they encounter are benign…

Review-I know Tony Nunes body of work as a writer and star, and I am a fan somewhat. Now, I am familiar with his directing style and I will say right now. What a bad film. That is a shame, this film is what us fans expect in low budget to no budget zombie films. Like the people behind the film just close their eyes and release it, and pray for the best. Let’s start with the positives. I think there was a scene or two that I thought the gore and action was almost decent. The rest of the film was pretty bad. And I hate to tear a film like this apart, cause it should get points for trying. But, this film is so slow and dragging that when this film gets anything going, it already has the viewer completely dismissing the film. I love zombie films, but there has been this influx by indie studios in the last few years, that either took Walking Dead or Zombieland notes and wanted to try and make it’s own claim to fame. Out of the 115 I have witnessed, maybe 3 were above a 6 rating out of 10. The other fall in the category of this film, just trying to make something out of nothing instead of playing on its strengths, it dwells in its weaknesses and tries to pass itself off as something good. Of course, one of the character has to be a police officer because not that is the norm. And of course, they have to have a voice over in the film…and of course they have to have zombies that look every bit of boring with uninspired make up and worst make up effects. It was like this film just wanted to be made, knowing how bad it was going and not caring. I can not think of one character that even remotely appealed to me in this film. This film looked like it was made at the family dollar. Now, another positive was the female voice over in the start of this, she builds up the film somewhat where you put a interest into. It was just everything that happened once her last word uttered to the end credits that did not live up to that build up.

This suffers the same fate as did label mate Porkchop, it was a good idea on paper. Probably a great idea on paper, then when it came to delivery and resources the cracks started to show. This film needed to play more on its low budget and give the fans at least better characters and dialogue. Forget the zombies, and make up. You need a story and compelling characters first and foremost. Fans can forgive you for bad makeup and cheesy scares, if you give them a decent script and some cool characters that at least make the experience fun. Horror is supposed to be scary and effective, and if you cannot get those two out of it. Forsaken the genre, and try for comedy. This film failed as horror, comedy and even watchable. But, who knows there may be a fan base for this film.

1 out of 10