Movie Review-Where The Dogs Divide Her

Plot-The story starts off on the aftermath of a family massacre. A nameless man sits in a bathroom, his bloodied hands trembling as he ponders his crime and relives it thru flashbacks. An amnesiac without an identity, he goes in search of himself, only to unearth a long-buried family secret…

Review-In early 2011, the news first broke out that R Squared Films acquired the rights to Martin Rutley’s first feature. The hype around this film at the time was unreal, this had everyone talking and anticipating this release and how they could see this film. With R Squared, I will give them credit and say that they have picked up and also distributed some very good films recently for the fourth quarter of 2011. My ex next door neighbor Thomas Smith’s The Night Shift, ( Imagine that I ask for a screener request and give him my address, and my door knocks in like 5 minutes) Porn Star Zombies, Head Case, and now this for starters. This film is very complicated to talk about without giving away spoilers. The whole film is a spoiler more or less. The story is told mainly thru flashbacks, throw in some voice overs and a very cool soundtrack and that is 90 percent of the film. The music ranges from a Kate Bush like feel in certain moments to just some very obscure mood music that just fits the bizarre scenes like a glove, that it puts you in the mood to endure what is happening. The script as well as the acting, is more or less like a puzzle. I thought it was well written and the film all around was brillantly acted, but it was just so odd, that at times I had no clue what was happening and why I was watching it or how it related to the plot even though it did keep me entertained. This is a thought provoking art film that disguises itself as horror even though it has horror elements. Where the Dogs is a head trip into somewhere that is just plain odd and bizarre. I am not too sure horror fans may be patient enough to stick with with this film to see how it unfolds as opposed to art house fans who live for films like this. This film felt like a blood soaked Eraserhead on a bad acid trip
I noticed there was a director commentary after I watched the film, so I thought that if I listened to this maybe the film would make more sense. Well, I am not sure if someone told them what the commentary is used for, but instead of talking about the film, he went into stories about the lead actor having fights on the set and how it was hard at times to get along with the cast. As a whole I am a fan of the bizarre cinema, and this is a good enough film to keep me happy until the next art house film comes out that has the horror elements.

8 out of 10