Movie Review-What’s Your Number

Plot-A woman looks back at the twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love. Anna Faris plays Ally, who just lost her job and on the train ride home back to her apartment is reading a article in Marie Claire that tells her after having sex more than 20 ex-partners, 96 percent of women are unable to find husbands. So, she decides to save herself, to find her Mr Right because she is about to hit 20. Well, after a drunken evening with her ex boss she has hit 20 and is now panicked and is on the hunt to find the ones who got away. Well, along the way she finds out that she cannot find them alone and enlists the help of her sexist pig next door neighbor Colin, played by Chris Evans. In exchange for him helping her, she let’s him hide out in her place when his one night stand girls will not leave his place or that he is scared they will become more than that. Well, as you can guess with the pursuit of the 20, that sparks start to fly between the two..will Colin be Mr Right, or will he just be another number on her list?

Review-Director Mark Mylod is best known as a tv director, he has done numerous tv shows and this is his first jump into the big screen, and you know what..he really made the date film fun again. Unless, you are dying or dead, this film will either make you laugh out loud or smile. Anna Faris from her claim to fame in the Scary Movie franchise to House Bunny, has proven that she has the chops to be a very comedic leading lady and still have that school girl innocence about her. This film gives her plenty of material and time on screen just to have fun and she does. From the awkward scenes with The Soup’s Joel McHale as her boss who fires her, then she sleeps with him anyway- to just how each of the guys on the list just lead to either bad experiences ( thank you Andy Samberg and that fucked up puppet) to just odd ones like one of her exes who she thinks is falling for her and he wants to marry her to get into the white house and that she is just going to be his camouflage cause he is a homosexual. The only flaw I truly had with the film was that it ran a little too long, and that scenes like when her sister’s wedding is happening she makes this corny speech, that just seems like it did not fit in also I know it was supposed to be a relationship builder, the basketball game Chris and Anna have was sort of cheesy as well. The film had all the chick flick cliches, with a twist..this is Anna Faris and she has to just either do something off the wall, or say something that is completely out of left field. The scene in the beginning with Joel McHale was so bizarre, that while I was laughing I was more concerned that my wife thought all guys did that. This film at it’s heart, really wants to show us how men and women view sex and the people we choose. This film even in its serious message moments still cracks joke after joke. This film plays off Anna’s strengths, and that is just physical sketch comedy. She could almost be the female John Ritter. As John always used his body and actions as the jokes most of the time, as does Anna.

I am a huge fan of Anna Faris, but, I think that maybe her Scary Movie bimbo role, sort of hindered to these kinds of roles and that maybe to change her image or do more serious roles would probably hurt her more than help. So given that Anna has had a 13 plus year run with this is kind of scary, how much more life do these roles have for her.. Sort of like Reese Witherspoon, people will accept her in the romantic comedy or comedic roles, but when a serious film comes around they usually talk about her co star or it just bombs. With House Bunny and now this, Anna has shown she can carry a film, but she is starting to really paint herself in a corner, maybe she needs to branch out in another genre. It is sad also that Chris Evans seemed a little lost in this film, it was almost like he was just a background piece for Anna to act off of.

All in all, this is a safe date film that will have the guys laughing and the girls having a blast . Plus it was a million times better and funnier than the overrated Hangover II.

7.5 out of 10