Movie Review-Trippin’

Coming to dvd April 24th 2012

Plot-Devi Snively’s first feature film is a cabin in the woods horror film with a twist. Zed is a stoner who tells a tale of what happens when him and his friends go to a cabin and people start dying.

Review-I think with films like Tucker and Dale getting noticed, films like this could find a home. It is not heavy on the horror aspect, but it is heavy on both heart and personality. This film tries to separate itself from every other horror comedy by not really playing by the rules. Which means if there is a chance to poke fun at something or make a cheap joke, it will do it and to tell you the truth I did not mind it. When it did finally get to the gore element, some of it was pretty well done and fun..but you know to tell you the truth, it sort of killed the flow of the finale. You have a film that goes around 90 minutes and for the 1st hour you are making jokes and awkward moments that worked. From a goody goody girl who in private decides to show her bad side and the finale of the scene with the frog was fun and to make every drug reference and joke known to man..then all of a sudden you want to change the pacing and direction and go for all these kills and explanations. Maybe, if they would have started sooner..I would not be judging so hard on that aspect. I mean, I did not hate this film nor will anyone else who invests their time in it. You have the elements we love in stoner comedy..mistaken identities, paranoia, and just dialogue that as dumbed down as it feels, it still comes off as smart in some weird way. Plus the truth and dare joke..when the girl says..” I am not making out with her forget it”…What made the joke funny and work, the guy never said one word he just smiled and stared. Or another scene, when Zed gets his leg fucked up comes inside with help, and witnesses a catfight and thru all his pain he gets a boner. I mean, let’s be honest..all of us would be the same way. Hell, they could cut my leg off. and if one of those girls read me a McDonald’s menu, I would be the same way.

Now, the major plus to this dvd. It has a second disc…this is filled with shorts. One is 5 mins long and called I spit on Eli Roth. Holy fucking shit did that rule. These group of ladies tie him up and make him pay for his cinematic sins. From Chick Vision in his film to his mainstream crap. Genius. Then, there is Teenage Bikini Vampires which was truly a blast. When a vampire falls in love with a surfer. This was another 5-6 minute gold short. Devi clearly has talent..there are 5 others that were just as fun, and disc 2 made me love disc one and the film a little bit more, because it helped me with her humor and film making a little more. This was fun, and I would say if you are a fan of just fun films that will not make you think and you can sit back and be may like this a lot. Devi has a bright future, here is hoping to seeing more.

7.5 out of 10