Movie Review-Timebomb( 1991)

Plot-Originally released in 1991. Eddy Kay is just a normal watchmaker then one fateful evening becomes a hero on the news when he rushes into a burning apartment building saving a mother and her infant from curtain death. Well, Eddy does not know it yet but a certain group of people thinks he died years ago and see him on the news and immediately are out to find him and kill him. He has no idea why they are after him, but at night has these visions of violence and things he thinks he may have committed. Now on the run with Dr Anna Nolmar whom he kidnapped, Eddy is trying to figure out who he is and what they want but most importantly how to stop them.

Review-To my knowledge this is the first US dvd release for this. This was a fun time in movie history 101 class tonight. I wanted to share with you a part of this film that really stood out to me. There is this scene that takes place in a porno theater ( wow what a shock huh). It is darkened and the people who were in there as viewers were killed. And you have this big shootout, and you see the girl on the screen in almost the same pose the whole time and not one of the 3 to 4 guys shooting pays any attention to her on screen. And where was the projectionist, movie theater manager or any employees? It must have been a lunch break. This film was 60 percent flashbacks, which the flashbacks range from a kid playing football, to some model lady naked and some of the oddest kill scenes I have seen. The cast alone is solid. You have Michael Biehn as Eddy, Patsy Kensit hot off Lethal Weapon 2 fame and before the Oasis and Jim Kerr romances as Dr Anna, a uncredited diner waitress scene with Julie Brown playing the waitress ( the comedian, not the downtown one) Billy Blanks as one of the killers, Ray Boom Boom Mancini, Robert Culp and Tracy Scoggins for starters. The film felt seriously dated from the scenes of the time bombs, to the car scenes and even the drive by and what was up with the free diver who was on fire that just takes a leap of faith off a building it just seemed so out of place but I understand it had to sell the scene of peril. And for all you perverts, you have a lot of nudity. Even Patsy Kensit takes one for the team. The dialogue is campy, but passable and the fight scenes were not too bad even for a dated film, the fight scenes had some spunk and were fun. This film also had some very good gore moments, not many but two that stood out. When Eddy and the Doctor start to unravel the puzzle is when the film really takes off, they are on a race against time to stop a bomber and that whole twenty minutes leading to the end was really so fast pace and exciting that it made some of the lesser moments in the film not sting so bad. This has guilty plearure written all over it, and does Patsy Kensit look like in some scenes she did her own stunts. This film makes me realize how much film has missed Patsy Kensit.

7.5 out of 10