Movie Review-The Teacher

Plot-Originally released in 1974. 18 year old Sean’s ( played by Dennis the Menace’s own Jay North) first summer after completing high school is spent with 28 year old Diane, whose husband is far too clueless and has no time for her when it comes to doing other things. This nut job Ralph also is crushing on Diane, now the kicker to this triangle…Sean was with Ralph’s brother Lou when something happened and he died.

Review-Angel Tomkins plain and simple is the star of this film. And if you are a fan of 70’s tv, you know her from roles in Kojak to any other show that would have her on. In this film she plays her best Ms Robinson and she is beautiful and really sells this role. Jay North is awful, he acts all scared of her coming on to him. What is this recurring theme today, women are throwing themselves on men and men are scared or wanting to wait, got to love the 70’s. Of course, you guys know Jay as Dennis in Dennis the Menace. I guess he felt like at this time, he had to make more adult and serious films. In this film, he felt so out of place like a priest in a lesbian porn. Anthony James as Ralph was fun as well. He made a good bad guy and was plenty of creepy. James like Angel is another veteran of 70’s tv show staples. He was on everything from Starsky and Hutch to later with the A Team. This is almost like the Graduate being in the Bates Motel. Also a major plus..Barry Atwater he played the vampire in the Night Stalker made for tv movie, as the sherrif. So you see, this has a great cast of players who have experience and can act and carry Jay North. I’m sure Jay North was seeing this as some kind of comeback film for him after Dennis The Menace and may could establish himself as an adult star or serious character actor. There are some things that you cannot change, this is why half of the Facts of Life girls never went on to super stardom. They are seen as these tv staple character roles that fans will not accept anything different from and maybe they could not be anything else and would be ignored and forgotten in no time. This film was not as bad as it could have been, if Jay North was not in this film and they may have offered this role to someone less established, it would have a cult classic. This film is a good look back to yesteryear, but as a whole it is worth a look and if you can buy it for under 5.00 ( what a sales plug) it may be worth buying. This is definately better than films like The Crush, but again the casting was not the brightest. Should have hired the Beaver.

6.5 out of 10