Movie Review-The Son of No One

Coming to dvd and blu ray this Tuesday

Plot-A rookie cop is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up, and the secret of a double homicide that happened 16 years ago threatens to take him and the department down.

Review-On paper this cannot fail. We are greenlit for 15 million, coming aboard this project we have Channing Tatum hot off of GI Joe, Al Pacino not so hot off of 88 minutes, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, Juilette Binoche, and Tracy Morgan. The film will be directed by new hot shot Dito Montiel, who was all the rage at the independent spirit awards a few years back with that A Guide to Recognizing your Saints film. So what could go wrong from this stage to the actual film? Everything, for starters this film was so slow moving and boring. At 93 minutes, this film had almost 48 minutes of flashbacks, that just were nothing more than moments that were supposed to help us understand a character like Jonathon ( who as an adult is played by Tatum) and why he never talked but for like 9 seconds in almost the whole flashback aspect of this film. We watched him cry a lot. We learn Jonathon as a young kid accidentally killed two guys. The film opens in 1986, then 2002, then 1986 again within a few minutes. Al Pacino who was John’s father former partner ( shocker, his dad passed away as did John’s mom) knew John killed the two guys, but never told anyone and left the case unsolved and Jonathon alone as a family favor. We learn all of this within 15 minutes of the film. John has a little friend Vincent, who is in a weirder situation than John. Vincent’s mom boyfriend is a pedophile and you can guess what happens. This film, it tried so hard to make you sympathize with these kids. A white kid living in the projects in NYC and they call him milk. A young kid being sexually abused. 2 kids scared to death involved in both stealing and murder. Instead of trying so hard to figure out how to make us care next with the situations, why not just make better dialogue, and make the kids at least somewhat interesting. Ok, one is a killer who did both murders unintentionally, and the other is a mental basket case who is being molested. That really does not scream for us as viewers to buy into the plights of the kids, when the child actors look like they are about to laugh at any time in each scene. Of course you know in present day, this film presents John as this loving devoted do gooder husband and father living way out of the projects in a nice big home, which gives you all the clues you need that this will not be perfect for long. Then the same film will play Vincent as this mental basket case, who in a scene when he sees his long lost friend after all those years, his first words out were…” Milk”. Seriously..a racial slur is the first thing you think about from someone who visited you when you were in the hosptai and saved you from abuse of your family? Of course now all these years later someone wants to leak out John’s past and destroy both him and the police department he works for. The script was awful, just pathetic. I am not sure if they were aiming for the big screen or lifetime. Katie Holmes, there is no way Tom Cruise looked at this script and told his wife that this film would be a great career move. ( it is rumored that Tom does do that with all her scripts) Channing Tatum tries to play this silent bad ass cop and it does not work, he just comes across as non caring to bland. Tracy Morgan trying to be an older Vincent was a joke. He looked like Bubba Gump with a crack addiction. Al Pacino was the saving grace, but then again after 88 minutes can Al sink any lower than he has? Ray Liotta is only one comeback film away from being one comeback film away. After watching Ray in this film, I am thinking Turbulence Heavy Metal may not have been that bad a idea. This film was like “a very bad watered down meant to try and get emotion out of you” Training Day. There is no denying this is a talented cast, but this film was not a good example. This film’s message which was preached to us at every single turn, was supposed to be about what you do younger in life may come back and haunt you later, almost like a karma. That you cannot escape your past. Hopefully, in 15 minutes I can forget I ever laid eyes on this film.

1.5 out of 10