Movie Review-The Devil’s Rock

Coming to dvd Feb 14th 2012

Plot-Set in the Channel Islands on the eve of D Day,two commandos, sent to destroy the germans, discover a Nazi occult plot to unleash a demonic force to win the war. From 1st time director Paul Campion.

Review-The box quotes really talk a great game. ” Saw with Swastikas”…”One of the best horror flicks of the year” and last but not least..” An Original Gore-Soaked Delight”. So, just the quotes alone not only contradict themselves but they are building this film for me before it hits my player. So does the film deliver on all these promises, yes and no. You get the Saw reference almost immediately when they are in the fortress. The main characters of this film are Klaus, who captures Ben Grogan. When he ties up Ben he tells him a story about this demonic woman who Ben thinks is not demonic but being held captive as well. All Ben hears is her moans, but once he breaks out of Klaus’s ropes, he finds out that the woman making all the noise has shape shifted into the image of his dead wife. The film is basically the demon trying to control Ben and kill Klaus. It has gore moments, but by no means is it a gore film. It almost felt like if The Woman met Wishmaster. The first 30 minutes to me with the thick accents that they really needed subtitles when Klaus went into his rants were so boring. The film seem to pick up once the demonic presence was introduced. Gina Varela played the demonic woman and you know what, I was really impressed. This is going to sound odd, but I was actually cheering for the demon in this film. This was a well written film, but you know what, it was not the script that was my issues with the characters, it was the delivery and their just blandness in the first half hour. The last 30 minutes of the film felt like a nazi version of the Exorcist. And I loved it a lot. It built the right amount of tension and gave you a satisfying kill in the deal as well.

This is one of those horror debate films. I can see a bunch of people loving this film and others disliking it. This film has a cool bonus feature, it shows a few key scenes shot thru 3 different cameras. And that really made the scenes look that more cool to me. The last 30 minutes of this film worked because I really enjoyed the verbal interplay between the three central characters. There is a bit of a cat-and-mouse feel as it seems all of them are working their own game plan and agenda. They have to trust someone in the three, but ultimately they can’t. If only the first 30 minutes were better, and that the actors in the first half had more charisma and sold the scenes better. The demonic element worked a lot, and it built the finale as something really worth the price of the rental or buy. All in all, not a bad film..I would watch it again now that I know how it ends, and may appreciate the negatives a little more now that I know the ending was so good.

7 out of 10