Movie Review-The Dead

Coming to dvd this tuesday the 14th

Plot-This zombie road movie is set against the backdrop of Africa. When a plane flight trying to fly out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, sole survivor Brian Murphy who is a mechanic, travels across the land where the dead are alive and out to eat anyone living. His journey leads him to a Sergeant Daniel, whose village has been torn apart by zombies. Daniel is on the search for his son, who was rescued by the military and went in Western Africa to a base. Together these two must put aside their personal differences and co exist and try to find a way out and also get his son. Talk about taking something old and making it feel new again….

Review-The Ford Brothers have answered our prayers zombie fans. For you fans of the original Dawn of the Dead, Fulci’s Zombie or anything else either director has done before 1982, you are going to love this film. This film is quite simply put, the real deal. Gone is the comedy, the jumping, the thinking, the running and most of the cheap makeup of zombies and what hollywood has thought they should evolve into. Put in its place are Zombies that are scary looking, amazing make up effects, old school slow, and just flesh hungry machines. This film is what a zombie film should be, it feels like a nightmare. That no matter where you go and how much you drive, the zombies are always going to be there. And being that most of the scenes are shot in the desert, it kind of eliminates the shock aspect of where can the zombies be coming from, but it also creates another question..where can you escape to when there is really nowhere else to go? I feel the road trip aspect of the film worked to build the two main characters, and their stories and also plights. They are both guys you can cheer on, one is a father looking for his son at a military base and the other is an american who just wants to get home to his wife and family. Where the Ford Brothers make this film work is just their balls to the wall approach. They give you a old school film in a new school box. They give you 100’s of zombies and quite possibly 100’s of kills. So the gorehounds will salivate and enjoy that aspect, but it stays so true to the old school train of thought on what a zombie can and cannot do. The script was effective, that each situation from running out of water in the middle of the desert to the will to go forward and not give up, this film almost made the zombies seem secondary to the human message of this film, that we need to come together as a world and fight with each other instead of fighting each other.

This film deserves all the praise it is getting. Trust me, I am not a believe the hype person, but this film…damn, you should believe the hype. It is from start to finish, one of the best zombies films in a very long time. A lot of fans are going to complain about the final shot of the film, but without spoiling it I will say it was hopefully a sign of things to come. I am supposed to tell you now if I recommend this film, I will do one better. If you are a horror fan and you do not own this film..this valentine’s day you should rush out and buy this for the one you love and also make sure they buy it for you.

10 out of 10