Movie Review-Stiffed

Plot-Frank, Keno and Milton are bank robbers. During their latest heist, things go awry when the money bag contains a dye bomb and the second it goes off in the car once they open the bank bag it leads to a horrible car accident. This accident put the driver in the hospital, but the three robbers are killed. Well as fate would have it, the night before the robbery Frank hooked up with a stripper named Chloe. Chloe goes to the funeral home and just so happens the funeral director is her man slave, who gives her the bodies. After a ritual with her minions, she brings the 3 back to life. What do 3 dead bank robbers want to do first after getting a second lease on got it, rob more people. Thank god we have a detective agent that is on the case and wondering about the bank robbery and the bodies that are no longer there. Will he put a stop to the zombies and save the city from this rash of undead crimes?

Review-I love when low budget films know what their limits are, and instead of trying to still compete with bigger budget films, they find a way of injecting some originality and creativity into what they do have and go with it. This film, is a great attempt of taking a tired genre like zombie horror, and making something creative and fresh with it. I mean, we are right now in zombie overload in terms of what is on tv and on dvd/blu ray. I personally am sick of the same old same old when it comes to zombie horror. When it is a low budget zombie films you know you are going to get bad makeup and even worst acting. That for every 40 indie zombie films that come out every few months, maybe 3 are decent. Even Hollywood has the memo, that Walking Dead is on tv and you may want to chill on putting zombie films in the theaters for a while, at least until summer when the season is over. And Stiffed at least tries to have fun and do a few things different. This is first and foremost a very dark comedy and it works. It takes the zombie element as almost an afterthought, and focuses more on the crime element and the characters. While it is easy to nit pick the negatives in a film like this, from some jokes not working, some of the dialogue, to the video cannot overlook the positives that outshine the bad. The script was fresh, smart and clever..the actors did a great job with what they had, and you can tell they had fun with the film and the material.
This film has midnight drunk party crowd written all over it. I feel if people gave this film a shot, they would have fun with it, and the word of mouth would spread.

All in all, there is way too much heart in this film and personality to fault it for what it lacked. I would watch this again with some friends, and I know they would have fun with it as well.

7 out of 10