Movie Review-Rabies

Plot-This film takes place in the wooded area they call the Fox Reserve. The film opens up with Tali trapped in this hole, and her brother Ofer trying hopelessly to get her out. When he finally realizes he cannot get her out, he is leaving to get help or find something to use but something happens to him. Which at first we do not fully know what it is. But, we learn that he is badly hurt and is running thru the woods looking for some way to get his sister out of the hole. Well, when he comes to the clearing he is hit by a vechicle with 4 people in it. The 2 guys from the vechicle decide to go with him to get his sister out of the hole, and the two girls stick around with the vechicle and call for the police. When the guys finally find the hole they realize she is no longer down there and now the brother takes off on his own to go look for her and leaves behind the other two guys who are now lost and trying to find their way back to the girls. When the police get there and see the girls, one of them decide to go into business for himself and treat the girls like they are sluts. Well one thing leads to another, now the girls are on the run as well in the woods. We also meet a hunter and his dog. Also on this day of fate, someone kills his dog and now he out to avenge the dogs death. And just when you thought the woods had enough people in there already do not forget you also have a psycho in the woods with Tali hostage. Throw in the mix you have land mines, traps and holes at every corner in this wooded area. Welcome to horror Israel. Just when you thought trapped in the woods films were all the same…..

Review-This film is Israel’s answer to films like Cabin Fever and Scream. If there is any justice in the horror community this film will make a lot of top 10 lists in 2012. In 2007, there was this horror rebirth that had all of our attention..and films like Inside, Martyrs, and Frontiers had fans and critics excited about horror again while putting America and Hollywood on notice. A film like Rabies proves, as did films like Inside and etc.. you can take a formula that people are familiar with and put your own spin on it, and people will accept the change if the material is good. It just seems that horror does not listen to these calls by both fans and the overseas film makers, and instead of furthering it or innovating the genre, it forgets all about it. But, when it needs a fast cash throws the fans some tired ideas that makes the genre seem old and tired as well, where die hard fans like me watch 30 films a week it seems like, and praises only one..and the other 29 makes us think about giving up on horror. In 2010, horror started to explore new territory with a DIY approach and even got more cutting edge with the material it called horror but soon started to copy itself to the point of nausea, and I started to hope that maybe more people would see the future and embrace it, instead of getting a taste and doing that film over and fucking over.. Well, fucking Isreal has embraced change..Rabies is part of the new facelift that horror has needed for so long. This film gives you a premise we are all familiar with while putting a spin on it and the end result is 90 minutes of edge of your seat, cannot look away horror fun. In this film the main star seemed to be the environment. The characters while important seemed secondary as to what fate is waiting for them. The script and dialogue ranged from funny one minute to cruel and depressing the next. This film had no balance, but somehow it worked with the you wont guess where we are going next approach. My fear is that this will be a shitty PG 13 remake in about 9 months. Hollywood wake up…France, Spain, Israel even, are coming up with some very great horror films and original concepts or twists on popular genres. What do we have coming up…Diablo Cody doing Evil Dead and Spike Lee doing Oldboy…save us

9 out of 10