Movie Review-Not Another Not Another Movie

Plot-This centers around a failing movie studio that will do anything for a hit, and to get some money to flow in. When their Titanic II completely tanks, Chevy Chase steps down and lets his brother Michael Madsen take over. Well, guess what within seconds he kills his parole officer and over a dozen more people. Now, his best friend Vinnie Jones is in charge of the studio..and he looks to the table of yes men and women to create an idea..well, one of the ideas is a script that dim wit crew member Randy has and his script called Not Another Not Another Movie. See, Randy has this condition..he just falls asleep at a moments notice and dreams of the films he hates the most.. parodies. That is this film in a nutshell.

Review-This film plays like a mockumentary of what they will have you believe happens at movie studios, movie sets and board meetings. And also plays off as parodies of other films and things we know very well. I liked about 60 to 65 percent of the film. I think it was a coup to have Burt Reynolds, Chevy Chase, Michael Madsen, and Vinnie Jones casted in this film. While their input in this film is very short, they make the scenes they do appear in a little less painful to watch. The film centers around Randy played by David Schultz, his acting ranged from annoying to almost boring. Now, when he had his spoof dreams..the film had fun. He dreams of Die Hard in Space. That was so damn funny. As well as his take on the Last Supper, while it played it safe in terms of delivery and material, it was funny to a point. I would have loved to see it go further and make it just more R rated than safe. Now, the Titanic spoof he dreams of..was sort of out of the Naked Gun, Scary Movie 101 class. Where Jack is hanging for his dear life on that ice berg and Rose has all this room to have her dresser, bed and all these warm clothes on the ice berg but tells Jack there is no room for him and she wont let go of him, but keeps trying to get him to let go of her. Of course, Randy will have a love interest. His beautiful neighbor Wendy who tries her hardest to re enact Chasing Amy for us in a bad way, and sadly this was not done in parody. She tries so hard to act and do the facials like Joey Lauren Adams, and it failed. She takes Randy to a poetry reading for a getting to know you date..and he goes on stage to do rap songs. It was not funny. Then there are these 2 mexicans who work at the studio and understand english till they are fired, and they pretend they do not understand and come back to work the next day..Get it…And  co worker Wes trying to sabotage Randy by stealing his original script. You know the routine, Randy is asleep and Wes breaks in and the fire alarm goes off, and everything in the house falls down and he even hits Randy but Randy sleeps thru it all..and he is such a light sleeper..ha ha….that is the joke style of this film.

As a indie film, kudos for the casting..which also has Richard Tyson in a bit role as Randy’s nightmare come to life. Because Randy tells us in the film as a child he feared the bad guy in Kindergarten Cop and sure enough guess who comes to a open casting call. Randy tries so hard to play the clueless putz that it takes away from the others in the scene. That he almost kills the flow and direction of the film with this nonsense, that just comes across as stupid. I know it is streaming on netflix right now, and I would say..if you like films like Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Scary Movie 24, this film would appeal to you.

6 out of 10