Movie Review-Naughty Teen

Coming to dvd May 8th

Plot-From director Andrea Bianchi ( Strip Nude for your killer and Burial Ground to name a few). Originally released in Italy in 1977, as a soft core comedy romp. Cara Dolce Nipote or it’s american name Naughty Teen, is about a young girl who comes to Milan and stays with a guy who is in his 40-50s whose wife passed away. She reminds him of his wife, but the guy thinks he is too old, and also he is scared and shy. He fells in love with her and she sleeps around sort of.

Review-This was sort of a letdown in terms of what the dvd gives you in terms of so called shocking and controversial. Now, before anyone says anything..the film promised from its box art to its sales pitch,that it would be so cutting edge and controversial. This film even for the end of the 70’s when the sexual revoltion was dying down and punk was taking over with disco on its heels..this film had to be soft considering films that came out in that era. There is very little nudity and sexual situations, and no offense look at the cover and I wrong for thinking this would be some very heavy sexual film? It is like wanting a hamburger and hearing that mcdonalds had them, and you go there and they are only serving tofu. I mean the scenes that look like the guy is fighting his feelings felt sort of realistic, but the humor was sort of tame and just unfunny. I mean this was the era of shocking tv and uncertain times…shows like All in the Family, Benny Hill, and Sanford and Son for example…but this film just seems so boringly written and even worst acted. The weirder topic is that the actress who played the young lady Ursula Heinle, after this film just disappeared from the face of the earth. She was great with what she had to work with, and she had to be the inspiration for films like Hard Candy, Ripe and maybe Thirteen. She plays innocent so well, but also you get the feeling it is all a show and she is not so innocent.
All in all, there is very little to recommend and even for the Italian sleaze that was running wild durng this era, this film had to be considered some kind of filler.

1.5 out of 10