Movie Review-Manhattan

The Woody Allen collection is finally on blu ray. While there are no special features, the sound and picture quality are amazing. If you do not own a copy of Annie Hall or Manhattan, now is the time while they are on blu ray. Enjoy the review !!

Plot-Originally released in 1979. Hot off the heels of his oscar winning film Annie Hall. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton return with a serious and funny look at New York thru the eyes of Isaac. Issac may be going thru a midlife crisis as he divorces Jill. Then has a love affair with a 17 year old named Tracy and then falls for Mary who is the mistress of his best friend Yale, who is married as well.

Review-This film focuses mainly on Isaac, in his eyes he is trying to do the right thing in life, but is rarely able to go thru with it. Diane Keaton is great as Mary, you can see why Isaac falls for her. Then you have Mariel Hemmingway as Tracy who is just so beautiful and brillantly casted as his in-between lovers fling. Then the cameo by a young Meryl Streep, who manages to steal the film with her tiny cameo as Isaac’s ex-wife who is bi sexual and is writing a book about their break-up and living with their son and her lover.

Let’s face it, Annie Hall is a classic. Even 25 years later, to watch Annie Hall today, it still holds up as the definitive Woody Allen film. The cant miss script and casting of Diane Keaton opposite Woody Allen was supurb. Annie Hall spoke to many young women and men about relationships, love and just society. Manhattan while not Annie Hall can stand up on its own as another great Woody Allen classic. The way this film not only looks but is shot, almost seems like a post card or a love letter to the world to come to Manhattan. You can tell in all of Woody Allen’s earlier films that he had a love affair with New York. So much so, his camera work looks like he is romancing the city. The subject matter of this film is handled with a fair amount of wit, while not the MTV generation of funny, but a more darker and more character based funny. There is a scene where Woody Allen’s character Isaac, is trying to run over his ex wife’s lover, that whole scene just plays out so dark, yet so amusing.

Roger Ebert once said ” Manhattan and Annie Hall, are the benchmarks of all urban-based, non-screwball comedies made in America”. After watching this I have to agree. Woody Allen seems to have invented a new genre of comedy. Yet, Woody Allen films seem to be an acquired taste, and films like this some people may not get the humor. The comedy in this film is mixed in with a love story. Then there is the backdrop, the soundtrack to the city,the music of George Gershwin that just fits this film like a glove. This film is just like reading a scrapbook. It is a very heart felt and intelligent film. And the classic line..” you gotta have a little faith in people”. Another amazing film from such a great director.

8 out of 10