Movie Review-Kill

Coming to dvd April 10th

Plot-Six strangers awake to find themselves hostages in a mysterious old house. In order to see their loved one again alive or for that matter themselves alive, one person has to kill the others. You think this premise sounds familiar wait till you read the review, you only know half the story.

Review-First off, this has a special feature on the dvd I want to mention first. It has the South Park creators Matt and Trey, and also involves Lemmy from Motorhead and hermaphrodites.This 66 seconds was really oddly amusing.
Now unto the film…Holy fuck where do I begin with this review. The film begins with 6 strangers who wake up in a strange place with no idea who each other is, or how they got there. When they look around the house they find pictures of their spouses, with notes on the back basically telling them that if they want to make it out alive and see their spouses again, they have to kill the other 5. Before you read this next line, do not assume the rest of the review right away, keep reading you will see what I mean. The first 30 minutes of this film to me felt like a very badly acted low budget Saw meets every other “strangers trapped with no memory of how they got there” film. I was almost to the point I was going to shut it off and wait till another day and give it a second chance, but thank god I did not. Little did I know, the joke would be on me and this was all a set up to a bigger picture, and a more original idea. If the first 30 minutes were the calm, the next hour was the storm. The next hour was no Saw ripoff and not only delivered but made me realize what the reasoning behind the first 30 minutes was, but I guess if I had to describe the last hour it would be Eternal Sunshine meets a very bloody The Wicker Man. This film is not only ballsy but it really thought outside of the box when it gave us the Tiki Men bad guys. Those costumes were Night Stalker old school creepy. But,Troma fans do not worry, you get the blood and gore you expect when you see the Troma label. The last half hour of this film, if there is any way someone can be killed with any household object, it is done. And you just know this film will have a twist or two, or maybe even three. And the twist at the very end, was not only effective but fucking awesome. It will make people who watched this film and had a great time just laugh as the credits roll. That ending just made the whole film seem like some kind of cruel fuck you to both Hollywood and film all together. Also that ending is why I love independent films so much, if you want a taste of something odd with your ballsy horror. This film may be up your alley. Kill was fun and has some serious watchablity. Kudos to Troma 2012, Kill, The Taint, and Father’s you are witnessing the future of the genre. The future has arrived…

8 out of 10