Movie Review-Keepsake

Coming to dvd Feb 21st

Plot-Janine is a beautiful young lady, she is driving alone on a deserted road until a freak accident strands her. When the tow truck arrives is when the horror arrives, as she is kidnapped, and a prisoner in a barn cellar. If you are fans of Adam Mason’s Broken, you may dig this film.

Review-The Adam Mason reference rings so true to this film. There are so many similarities. The majority of this film worked for me, but there is so much to this film that lost me. Janine clearly has skeletons in her closet as we learn early in the film, that she was not just on a joyride, that she was escaping a past. We are never truly aware of what it is she is running away from or who, but we learn enough thru dream sequences with her sister, to keep us wanting to see how her story will pan out. When she is kidnapped and thrown in a cellar, our kidnapper puts a electronic leash on her. We also learn the kidnapper has no tongue so he cannot talk, and he takes pleasure in torturing and abusing women. This part of the film was what I had no trouble with, this film had some awesome gore moments and dared you to look away. From pulling out teeth to hitting someone with a hammer, and so much more. This film delivered the gore and violence in large servings. We learn that Janine is not alone, there are some other people in the same mess she is in. One of the women though, she sort of befriends in dream sequences. This friend tries to warn her about pitfalls and also tries to tell her how to escape. Clocking in at a little over 101 minutes, was a stretch for this film as it felt some of the scenes were dragged out, and also, some of the dream sequences you just felt were only in this film as a way to confuse you more than entertain you, or throw you off any ideas you had about how this film would keep going. Which leads me to the last 20 minutes, I am not going to spoil this or say anything that can shed light on how it will end…but I will say, I loved the idea, I hated the execution.
The film gave us 81 minutes in a slow and deliberate pace, then 20 minutes that seem to try and throw a million things at us at one time. Again, kudos for the idea..How it all played out in the end,I did not even come close to guessing but the way it did was such a letdown to what was a fun little film. Janine’s character, you almost try to feel sympathy for, until the dream sequences and you just feel that maybe this is some kind of karma for her or a fate that she was running away from. I am a fan of Adam Mason’s Broken, and I did love that aspect about Keepsake. The torture scenes were nicely done, and this film was truly glorified torture porn and not ashamed. For the little mistakes and dislikes, there is enough here to keep people watching and enjoying this film. Plus, and this is a major plus. This film is cheaper to buy, than 2 gallons of gas. It also comes with a digital copy. For the price aspect and the material this film gives you, I say it is well worth buying.

7.5 out of 10