Movie Review-Drive-In Massacre

Plot-Originally released in 1977. Adult director Stu Segall gives us a story about two detectives who are on the hunt for a drive in movie theater killer who uses this sword to kill all his victims.

Review-This film starts off with telling us that August 10th at this drive in theater in California is when it all started. I think I know where Chillerama got inspiration for one of its stories. The first scene of the film tells us all we will need to know. Alan is in a car his date is getting hot and heavy with him. And instead of doing what 96 percent of us males would do and go for it..he decides he wants the speaker inside the car so he can hear the first few minutes of the film. No offense, but if I was that chick I would basically tell him when he is ready, I think I just started my period. So, for about 3 minutes he is stretching out about 15 inches to get a speaker, and no one not even Ms.Horny in the car notices or hears that someone takes a sword and beheads him. No noise or flowing blood everywhere, just a cut and fall and ho hum. Of course, you have the weird employee that could be the killer in drive in parking lot sweeper Germy. Who no surprise was part of the circus that was on that land before the drive in took over. And, then you have the two investigating officers who are as exciting as a bag of sand and rocks. The interrogation, eer…I meant investigation scenes went on so long that by the end they came to a conclusion( ?) I guess you could call it, I would call it each time basically 7 to 8 minutes of just useless dialogue that had to be from a porn director. The actors not only did the seem to act on cue they moved almost robotic, like they are waiting for someone to guide them thru a scene. And the action at night is so hard to see, this is low budget I get that but damn you could not even buy a flashlight? The music in this film sounded like being in a elevator at a asylum. It was dreadful and so out of place, that I felt like muting the tv. And this one scene where they flubbed the lines when talking to a suspect. Almost like the director left it in there as a cruel joke. I have seen worst, and more than likely will be seeing a lot worst. But, this was pretty bad.

2.5 out of 10