Movie Review-BrainWrap

Plot-Before John Taylor gave us that awesome film Leach, there was Brainwrap. For those of you who are not familiar with what the word Brainwrap means, I am here to help you.. it is a theater term for when a film is on a reel and gets caught up or stuck inside the brain of the projector or around the platter..usually caused when a platter either stops or the film feeds too quickly.( or the odd one of a projectionist not knowing how to thread a film) 9 times out of 10, it results in the film having to be cut and re-spliced so it can either finish or be re shown again. This film not only goes into the world of theater, but also the word of bootlegging and how accessible technology is today. But, somehow or another with all these messages of piracy and the theater experience being so fun, there is a weird story of three siblings who have 48 hours to prove that they meet the requirements outlined in their late father’s will in order to inherit the 126 million dollars he left behind. There is Oscar, who just looks like he is up to no good, he is a 2 bit drug using hustler that would rob his own family instead of trying to get a job…then there is Floyd, who you just know is not right..and last but not least sister Pearl. She is in a suicidal depression because she is in love with a movie star named Jacob Stein who she is so obsessed over, she is leaving him messages all the time telling him repeatedly she loves him, and she will kill herself for him. Even goes as far as to not only put a gun in her mouth, but slit her wrists then try to set herself on fire. Did I tell you, this is a dark comedy.

Review-This film has balls. In the 1st ten minutes I could not make heads or tails on where this film was going to be heading. We start the film with a scene from a Jacob Stein film that is just so weirdly odd, that it comes across as amusing. The dialogue alone will guarantee you a smile or two. Then, from there this film breaks down into 3 chapters. And it is each of the siblings. There are two of the most oddly- almost to the point of fucking strange scenes that involves Floyd. For the first one, he is in his house looking like he is getting ready for a date. He is dousing himself with baby powder and the whole time his sister is on his answering machine telling him that their dad is dead, and that she slit her wrists but it was not for dad..the scene worked the most not only for her delivery and dialogue but for the whole time he is oblivious and could care less, but not in a macho or stuck up way, almost in a lost or mentally off way. That you wonder if anything registers with him, but on to the second scene..well he goes into this room and I have no idea how to describe this scene other than him being tied in a chair and almost looked like he was paying someone, for him to be gassed. Then there is the sister Pearl. Pearl, to me was the star of the film, she really had so much dead pan delivery to her dialogue that she did not want you to feel sorry for her, but to worry what she would do next and why she is doing it. It was funny in a very cruel and fucked up way. You almost never knew what she would do next and her mental state keeps you guessing for the most part. Wonderful performance. Then, there is Oscar. Oscar is one of those people who if you turn your back for one minute you scared for not only what he would do to you, but what he could steal from you. And for me, the character for the most part played off of a lot of stereotypes but close to the end, before the film his finest hour. For what this film lacked in budget, it made up for in writing and acting. This is hands down better than Leach, and that was one of the Top 20 films of the year.

The only thing that worries me and I am not picking on John, is the same problem that worries me about other local directors. They seem to stick with members of the same cast for films, and I know that the key members of the Leach cast are in this film, and I have no issue right now with it, but come the 4th and 5th film I hope John, tries different actors and actresses. With me, being a former movie theater general manager for almost 11 years, this film made me miss those days. I did love the theater feel of certain scenes. It was almost like a love letter from old school non digital, film cans, splice machine and platters mom and pop theaters. The operating scene was a negative for me, it was so fake looking that I almost thought they were just doing it for laughs. But, the plus in disguise to that scene is in the special features, and that gag reel. Boy, do they have quite a few scenes that were done for laughs with the fake boobies that really had me cracking up. If you want a indie film that has something a little different to offer, this is a great film. This is my major plus and best sales pitch I can offer..this film was not like anything I have seen in recent memory. As a whole, this film is a good time with a ending that will keep you on your toes and making sure you been paying attention.

8.5 out of 10