Movie Review-Beneath the Darkness

Coming to dvd and blu ray Feb 28th

Plot-Ely’s house has ghosts? Or so that is what a group of kids think, as one night they sneak around the bushes to notice in the window there are objects that cannot be human, just from the way they are moving around they make this assumption. So, the 4 kids decide one night to break in, and see what is going on. When they uncover the real mystery Ely catches them, as 2 get away Travis witnesses Ely murdering one of the kids. Now, Travis must try to expose a life long local everyone seems to trust and love as the vicious killer and keep him and his other two friends from becoming his next victims.

Review-When you read the plot above, you think the movie sounds interesting. Even reading the blu ray box, the film sounded very good. I mean, you guys will read the plot and think this is going to be some ghost story with a psycho killer trying to not get the word out about his house. The truth is this film a total waste and not very good at all like the film did not even try. Beneath, suffered from a identity crisis and the total lack of really solid storytelling and compelling characters. This film was just so slow moving, dull and just so predictable that you can guess the outcome of the scene before it played out and 9 out of 10 times you would be right. The first 30 minutes of this film, we witness Deniis Quaid trying his dullest to sell us that he is a creepy mortician. In the first scene of the film, he buries a guy alive but does not tell us who he is to the story or why he did it till the last 5 minutes of the film with of course some out of nowhere lame wanna be shocking twist that made no sense as to why they would take the film in that route in the final moments and who cares by that point. We learn Travis is the rebel kid, he is always in some kind of trouble and thinks his sister was abducted by ghosts. So no surpise that it is Travis who witnesses Ely murdering his friend, and a even bigger surprise that no one believes him. This film reads almost like Fright Night, without the vampires. This dialogue just seems like a horror film greatest hits bastardized, they borrowed this from that, and that from this. While not trying to improve on the original, just making this film so much more predictable. Wait till you see how the final scene both starts and plays out, it is utterly ridiculous to think they had that vision all along, it was like they almost failed on purpose just to say they made this film and put it out and make money asap. This film for the first 30 minutes felt like it was trying to find it’s identity and flow but it just was so badly acted, slow moving and just so forgettable that when the plot started to begin the film was almost half way done and you are already out of the film all together. This film has a billion done to death cliches like for example, the innoncent police force who never suspect anything is wrong, Ely tells them that he shot someone they seem to think it is just ok no questions or even asking is anyone ok, even when they see Ely has a hole dug in his front yard with a tarp over it, that is no issue. People dig holes in their front yards all the time in the shape of a casket, and esp. if they are morticians that is the normal. And what was even worst to this scene, was there was a female in a casket in the hole that the cops did not see even when they were a inch close could not see a closed casket, and guess when she woke up and came to, of course when the police were walking away. Then, one of the characters is on restriction. But, when Travis comes over to see Abby her dad is cool with her going outside with him in the middle of the night and of course, the restriction is over the next night so she can hang out for a slumber party with her friends. What was she on restriction for minutes? And of course there is Dennis Quaid. When did he become the new face of low budget direct to dvd horror films? He tries his best to be creepy but he just falls flat. His facial expressions did not sell that character either, Quaid just looked like he had his sales man suit on and had to sell us this role and could not make it appealing.

As a whole this film is just a waste of time. I was letdown by the lack of suspense and horror in a film built as a horror film. To think this is from the director of the upcoming Raging Bull 2. I think Dennis Quaid is holding out for the script for Innerspace 2. Tony Oller playing Travis was even worst than Quaid. He seemed to always have the same reactions and expressions. And there is this family moment with him and his mom that is just utterly ridiculous and made this film even more unwatchable.This film is the example, anyone can be a actor and director. Even if you have no talent.

1 out of 10