Movie Review-Bane

Plot-Oh wow, I am going to give this my best shot. Four women awake in a lab or with no recollection how they got there or who they are, that is until they notice they have a name written on a band on their arm. The women soon discover that they are part of some fucked up kind of experiments. They are visited, one by one, by this surgeon who cuts a four digit number into each woman either on their back or arm.. that number is the exact time he will return to kill them. This film is basically about if these 4 women can find the answers and escape, before the surgeon returns to kill them.

Review-Bane is a film I want to put in a category I call ” math horror”. It’s that horror film that tries to be so smart, that by the end and all the explanations, and formulas- even outsmarts itself in the process. I am a fan of any horror film that makes you think, but the end, I think this film confused itself to the point that the director had to keep writing while they filmed to figure out how to end the film. That being said, I did not hate the film and was entertained somewhat for the most part. I mean let’s be honest, a film like this starts with a situation that you know you are going to have to watch the whole thing and try to figure it out, not so much becasue the film is this or that but so much that you cannot even fathom how they will explain this wreck. The first twenty minutes dragged a bit, from the girls all waking up confused, doing that paint by the numbers scripting of ” who are you and why am I here”. And, the close ups, did not do any favors to the bad acting facials they were giving. Then, when the doctor started to run the girls thru a test, the film started to pick up. I love the concept, of a surgeon coming in while you are asleep and being able to carve a number into you, and that is when you will die. The death scenes up to the hour mark, were not as bad as they could have been. That being said, some looked entirely too fake. And, I am all for…let your imagination help the director scenarios…but they were just hokey. And, I think the director and crew knew this- because the next death scenes and the ones towards the end, looked a little more realistic and cool. When the big reveal happens, and I will not spoil this film…The film felt like it could not figure out a way to explain itself. It had no meaning to anything when they give us the twist, and when they explained it over and over it almost got to the point, I felt a 5th grader wrote the last 15 minutes. I invested all this time into the story and wanted to see what would happen, and when they revealed all the twists, it made no sense. And the flashbacks did not help any at all, but to further my frustations over spending all this time and not knowing how the film ended still after it is over.

I guess Bane was the alien’s name, and when that came into was sort of ok in a 50’s sort of way. The ladies who played the victims, did good enough with what they were given, but they did no favors of trying to sell their predicament. Almost lifeless in some parts, like they know they are there and can care less about leaving. All in all, as bad as I am writing up certain parts..this film was not a total waste. Would I watch it again, you know what..yes I would. I would love to see if knowing all that I know now, will this film make more sense in a second watch.

6 out of 10