Movie Review-Annie Hall ( blu ray)

Plot-For the first time ever on Blu Ray, the Woody Allen 1977 masterpiece Annie Hall. Woody Allen plays neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer, whose life changes when he meets Diane Keaton who plays Annie Hall. This film has made every critics top 100 films ever and it is the blue print of 90 percent of the romantic comedies you guys all have flocked to see on a date.

Review-First and foremost, where are the bonus features??? What a bummer, I would love to have heard Woody and Diane share there thoughts and insights today on this film, some 35 years later. As in a lot of Woody Allen’s early films, this is basically a postcard or a love letter from NYC. The script is absolutely perfect and the characters are so well defined that they seem more real than actors. The selling point to the film is Woody Allen of course, his wit and dark sense of neurotic comedy has inspired so many people from Richard Lewis to Jerry Seinfeld- among others. When Alvy and Annie are talking, and all of a sudden Alvy just asks Annie to kiss him now so they can avoid the awkwardness later, it speaks to so many of us that had that date that we wanted to just find that moment to break the ice and nervousness and say kiss me. It is a beautifully written part, which leads to one of the most romantic/awkward scenes in movie history. I have always crushed on Diane Keaton, and this film is why. She plays this ditsy but good hearted neurotic Annie Hall…I remember going to a college movie showing of this with a date, and just being so taken by Diane’s acting and beauty and how the camera loves her in this film. I wonder if Diane Keaton knew then what kind of inspiration she would truly have on the leading lady role in romantic comedy for the future? And to watch it again, brings back so many memories. The flashbacks are pure Woody Allen gold, You almost feel as Woody is really talking about his childhood, and mocking it at the same time. And of course, you know there is going to be the voice over commentary. That Woody tries to drag you into this world, and he is clever enough to pull you in at the right time, then let you go and then pull you back in. Almost like a weird puppeteer.

The blu ray edition is amazing, great picture and sound. So much so, that it almost feels fresh again. Now, there is a statement. How many films do you know that are 35 years old and they do not feel dated?..Annie Hall did. This film is more of a two person character study of the neuroses of modern romances, and the differences between the New York and Los Angeles way of life. That is the part of the film that I still thought was not so strong… the last 20 minutes.Now, the ending is sad somewhat..but you almost feel like Woody ended up happier cause it ended sadly. Though, this film pokes fun at New Yorkers, movie critics and mid westerns that do not understand the NY culture. To me, one of the most classic scenes in this film, ( god there are so many) While, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen are talking about photography, there are subtitles on the screen about the physical relationship that they are really thinking about. This film is just amazing and so groundbreaking for its time. Again, what the last 20 minutes seems to lack, the rest of the film is just classic and even 35 years later, it is still a classic. Plus, it is getting to be Valentine’s Day. Cook her a dinner, flowers and watch Annie Hall on blu ray with her. She will love you for it.

9 out of 10