Movie Review-Andy Warhol’s Bad

Plot-Hazel runs an electrolysis service out of her home. She also provides a service for clients who need some kind of crime performed….LT. is a parasite, and contacts Hazel looking for work when he needs cash. She is reluctant to use him since she prefers using women, but decides to try him on a trial deal. Meanwhile, the local cop she pays off wants an arrest to make it look like he’s actually doing his job…

Review-One time I was asked, ” James, if you could interview anyone who would it be”. Of course, any one who knows me knows I am going to come up with some eclectic list. Lydia Lunch, Ian Curtis, Syd Barrett, and last would be Andy Warhol. I discovered Warhol almost by mistake, I was in my freshmen year in College, and there was this girl who distracted me with her beauty and when she injected herself in my existance..I had to find out what she was into, and get a interest very fast. So, sad to say..I was at the store the next day buying every Bikini Kill cd I could find and looking for anything on Warhol. This film must have escaped me, and until last night..I never even heard of it. God, am I a idiot, cause this film is great. A young Perry King plays LT, the stain that irritates Hazel and the other girls do not seem to mind him. Also starring the very stunning Cyrinda Foxe, who may have influenced another Warhol disciple named Debbie Harry ( aka Blondie) in her first and only role. As R.C, she completely steals each scene with her devil may care attitude and her ” star” look.

Flesh For Frankenstein and Blood for Dracula are my 2 favorite Warhol films, but Bad is a close 3rd. You can tell this film was inspired somewhat by the punk movement and John Waters humor. The film is tasteless and may offend most, but that kept my attention. Listen to this dialogue..this is one of the key scenes…”a journalist reporting a fire in a cinema, which left 14 people killed, saying that one should thank God that the film being shown was a Hispanic release with limited appeal – as, otherwise, the number of victims would have been far greater” Today that line could not be used..or a scene that involves a one armed guy acting all passively to a killing of the person who gave him his handicap. And the baby beginning of Anti Christ had to be inspired by the scene in this film where a woman throws her baby out the window of a tall tower like building. And the bystanders get splashed with the blood. This was a fun film. ha ha….

All in all, if you are not familiar with the genius of Warhol and some of his so called disciples..this film is a good start…and Cheezy Flicks is selling it dirt give them a shot.

8 out of 10