Movie Review-Alien vs Ninja ( blu ray)

From the minds that gave us Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl comes this outrageous foray into ninja and alien cultures. This film tells the tale that is centuries old.. Centuries ago the fiercest ninjas of the Iga clan roamed the earth and faced their toughest enemies- those dreaded aliens. The aliens were aboard this fiery mass that crashes in the forest. In these plastic almost dolphin like suits come these horrifyingly savage creatures that know kung fun and have all these weird weapons. Well, the aliens are roaming the woods to kill the ninjas one by one. But fear not ninja fans, these extraterrestrials may have fucked with the wrong group of hooded warriors. I know fans are loving what Funimation is putting out in terms of just taking genres and mixing them together and giving us some of the coolest kills and blood that flows like a water fountain. Now finally on blu ray, with a almost incredible sound and picture quality that if you owned the dvd, you may want to re invest.

Now unto the film, this film also introduces us to a dare I say love story? Well, a love story the way they will do a love story, which you know will come across as insincere as possible. The fight scenes range from absurd to just campy funny. I will be the fist to say, I loved the alien rubber costumes it reminded me of 50’s old school sci fi. I remembered when I reviewed another film Funimation put out called RoboGeisha, in that review I damned them for sticking to the same old same old stuff, gimmicks, and effects. The problem was RoboGeisha was not that fun a movie, Alien vs Ninja is the example if it is not broke why fix it. While offering not too much in the way of new or original, this was at least entertaining and will have fans laughing and having a blast.

All in all I had fun with Alien vs Ninja, and I cannot wait till the release of Mutant Girl Squad.

7.5 out of 10

If you have seen Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, or even RoboGeisha, Frankenstien Girl vs Vampire Girl, and etc…you know what you are going to see and the fun you will have.