Before you guys read this press release, I have to say can Kittie keep a line up past one cd and one tour? And why do all the ex members have so much dislike for the sisters Lander? Fallon Bowman, who has went on to do stuff with Pigface and her own side band Amphibious Assault refuses to even acknowledge that time in her life. And Talena, who also did AA with Fallon, and has co hosted a show in the UK was sued by tha band for using their music without permission, and both sides have nothing nice to say about each other. Former bassist Jennifer Arroyo now in Suicide City,has nothing she wants to comment on about that time. And when I interviewed Morgan, she was very upfront about not wanting to talk about former members. You get the picture, I just hope Kittie can stop going into the Yngwie Malmstreen school of here today gone today musicians…

KITTIE is pleased to announce the return of bassist Trish Doan to the band following the departure of Ivy Vujic. Doan was previously with the band from 2005-2007, appearing on the band’s 2007 release “Funeral for Yesterday.”

Ivy adds her own words, “After four amazing years of jamming with my crazy metal sisters, I am officially resigning. After a lot of touring and two albums, I feel it is time for me to move on. There are still other things for me to do in my life. Although I will always appreciate Kittie and the amazing fans we have, it does not fit my plans right now.” A full statement can be read HERE.

Trish will join the band live after their upcoming SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL appearance in Australia and upcoming hometown shows later this month are completed. Doan comments,

“I am very happy to be reunited with the Kittie family. The girls and I have remained close friends over the last 7 years and I am excited to have this amazing opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing everyone when we go back on the road this spring. I wish Ivy all the best!”

The band is excited to do one more batch of live dates with Ivy as it gives fans a prime opportunity to come out and say their goodbyes. “Ivy has been friend and partner in crime for over 4 years, we love and respect her wishes to depart from the band and move onto another phase in her life.” says front woman Morgan Lander.

KITTIE will hit the road this spring in continued support of their latest release. Morgan concludes, “Trish has been a member of our extended family since she joined the band in 2005 and we are welcoming her back into the band with open arms. We are ecstatic that she will be returning to bass duties and are looking forward to the tour this spring! We love both girls and are glad that we all remain friends, first and foremost.”

KITTIE released “I’ve Failed You” earlier this year to much critical accolades. “I’ve Failed You is completely written and unequivocally hard as nails,” says Outburn Magazine. more directly states, “I’ve Failed You is their best album to date.”

The band also released two much talked about music videos. An in your face perfomance version of “Empires (Part 2)”, seen HERE. And a Zombie filled horror homage video for the song “We Are The Lamb”, seen HERE.

KITTIE IS: Mercedes Lander (drums, vocals, piano), Morgan Lander (lead vocals, guitar), Tara McLeod (guitar) and Trish Doan (bass guitar)