The Collective V.3-This time it is Female…


Welcome to The Collective V.3
JABB pictures scoured the independent filmmaking scene
looking for 10 of the best female writers and directors
for this one of a kind collection.
Proving that the independent horror genre is not just a boys club,
The Collective V.3 features 10 short films all from a different independent
female writer or director.
Keeping true to The Collective’s winning format,
all 10 films in this collection center around the same idea.
The theme this time around? 10 Minutes to Live.
It was up to each filmmaker to decide what this meant to them.
While the stories all center around the same basic premise,
they all have their own unique storyline and characters.
The films range from tender to terrifying with each filmmaker
putting their own unique twist on the idea.
With The Collective V.3
the ladies have most definitely shown they are a force to be reckoned with.
Welcome to the ALL FEMALE lineup of
The Collective
The Collective V.3 will World Premiere at Days of the Dead
March 9th in Atlanta GA.
Days of the Dead supports independent filmmakers and artists
like no other convention. This is a show for the fans, by the
fans. Be sure to come out and show them your support!
The DVD’s will be available for purchase for the first time at this convention.
We will host a screening of the films as well as a Q&A with the filmmakers
for more information on the event
Beginning March 12th 2012 The Collective V.3 will be
available through the websites of the filmmakers involved as
well as many online retailers.
Contact Jason Hoover at for a full list of online retailers.
Reviewer quotes
“The Collective is what independent genre filmmaking should be. It’s original,
fresh, sometimes scary and always keeps your attention.”
Jude Felton
The Lair of Filth
“Fans of indie horror or those who simply want to do what you can to support
indie filmmakers will definitely want to get ahold of this stellar example of
ultra-indie filmmaking.”
Richard Propes
The Independent Critic
“These 10 films have something that very few studio films possess…….heart.”
Scott Ruth
D’Ment’D Cinema
“This is filmmaking the way it was always meant to be.
For the love of the art.”
Scott Ruth
D’Ment’D Cinema
“The Collective is an excellent release that
I wholeheartedly recommend to fans of quality independent cinema.”
Jude Felton
The Lair of Filth
“The Collective is an all-around terrific shorts collection
and the various shorts featured contain elements that are
humorous, disturbing, surreal, and creepy.”
Mario Dominick
Horror Society
“If you can’t find something to love about this set of short films
then you might as well quit watching movies.”
Jason Schneeberger
Beyond the Realms
The Filmmakers featured in V.3 are
Pants Cannon Media
Katie Toomey
Kylee Wall
He Who Watches
Short Synopsis
Diagnosed with an incurable illness, Laura hangs on the edge of life and death as she is
haunted by her recent past – and a mysterious figure.
Production Notes
He Who Watches was originally created for The Collective V3 “ten minutes to live” for JABB
Pictures. The film marks the first horror film by directors Kylee Wall and Katie Toomey. He
Who Watches was shot in Indianapolis and Carmel in December 2011. Total production time
from writing and pre-production to the final export was less than two months.
Technical Details
Running Time: 10:30
Language: English
Genre: Psychological Horror
Aspect: 16:9
Full Cast and Crew
Directed & Edited by
Katie Toomey
Kylee Wall
Screenplay by
Kylee Wall
Camera Operator
Kylee Wall
2nd Camera Operator
Katie Toomey
Sound recordist/boom operator
Katie Toomey
Assistant Director
Aaron Whiteford
Production Assistant
Jordan Schroeder
Original Music
Jeremiah Nickerson
Cast (in order of appearance)
Laura – Sarah Hoback
Joanne – Angela Steele
Doctor – Shawn D. Evans
The Man/Life – Eric T. Schroeder
Tyler – Dane Rogers
Nurse – Tarah Dawn Cantrell
Male Nurse – Aaron Whiteford
Special Thanks
Kate Chaplin
Jeremiah Nickerson
About the Filmmakers
Kylee Wall is a producer/editor in Indianapolis. While her day job is in the corporate video world, her
nights are filled with anything she can get her hands on. Before graduating from Indiana University
with a degree in video production, she interned at local organizations, and has produced shorts and
short documentaries for many years, growing up behind a video camera. While her primary focus is in
post-production as an editor, she enjoys occasionally taking a creative hand in a film and bringing a
story to life from start to finish. Films she has produced and/or edited have been included in numerous
festivals, taking some top honors. Kylee’s personal website and blog can be found at
Katie Toomey is an editor in the Indianapolis area. She currently works in the live
entertainment/touring industry as an editor, as well as a freelance producer/editor. Her primary
focus is in post-production (though she is well-versed in the whole filmmaking process, even serving as
a boom operator!), as she enjoys taking the lead in shaping the story from the timeline to the screen.
Katie graduated from Indiana University with a degree in video production in 2009 and has interned
and volunteered with organizations in the central Indiana region. Her work is diverse, from corporate
to documentary to fiction. Her award-winning work has been featured in film festivals across Indiana.
Katie’s personal website and blog can be found at
Katie and Kylee met in 2007 in a documentary video class at Indiana University and became fast
friends and editor collaborators, going on to produce and/or co-edit many shorts and short
documentaries throughout college and beyond. They helped create Pants Cannon Media and now
frequently participate in the local filmmaking scene in Indianapolis, actively seeking narratives and
documentaries to edit. He Who Watches is their first attempt at the horror genre.
Kylee Wall
Katie Toomey
Karmic Courage Productions
Kate Chaplin
Home Security
Short Synopsis
Home Security is the story of a crooked security salesman who is prepping for a big score. The
film features Emmanuel Carter as “Robert” and L.E. Bradford as “Mia.” It’s got a nice twist
and a little Tales for the Crypt or Twilight Zone feel to it.
Full Cast and Crew
Kate Chaplin – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
Jason Harris – Cinematographer
Mike Williams – Assistant Director
Michael Carney – Gaffer
Kylee Wall – Script Supervisor
Chuck Budreau – Sound Recordist
Kathleen Toomey – Boom Operator
Emily Amick – Make Up & Hair
Joe Reeves – Slate
Terry Shepard – Production Assistant
Jake Shepard – Production Assistant
Joe Cray – Production Assistant
Kathleen Hart – Production Assistant
Bret Robinson – Still Photography
Mollie Tobin – Still Photography
Emmanuel Carter – “Robert”
L.E. Bradford- “Mia”
Tommy Martin – “Mike”
Sarah Moore – “Ang”
Bryan Patrick – “Devin”
Amy Pauszek – “Mrs. Akers”
Apollo Bacala – “Hispanic Man”
Kathleen Hart – “Dog Walker”
Trinity – “Dog”
Mollie Tobin – “Lady at the Door”
Joe Cray – “Door Slammer”
Music by Nick Cappelletti and Kevin MacLeod
  About the Filmmaker
    Karmic Courage Productions is a film and media company with the
mission of creating short and feature length films for distribution and release.
2008 Audience Choice –
the INDY Awards
Laundry Day
2008 Audience Choice
Runner-up – the INDY Awards
My Apologies to Mr. Wells
2007 Semi-Finalist PAGE
Screenwriting Awards
You’re So Cool –
1995 Semi Finalist –
Star Theaters Film Festival
Contact Info
(317) 833-8861
Listed on IMDB,
Indiana Production
Sourcebook, Facebook
Mysterious Mansion Productions
est. 2011
Vanessa Romanelli
Erica L. Frost
Dave Rothstein
Short Synopsis
‘Conclusion’ directed by Vanessa Romanelli and executive produced by Erica L. Frost staring
Steve Dash (Jason in Friday the 13th Pt 2) and Kevin Van Hentenryck (Basket Case) follows
four strangers who check into a specialized medical treatment center. Little do they know,
once they check in…there is only one way to check out.
About the Filmmaker
Vanessa Romanelli, Actress and Scream Queen from some films such as
Emerging Past, Mr.Hush, Dead Collections,
and Two Guys One Box (the collective: volume 2),
brings you her directorial debut in the horror film,”CONCLUSION”.
Full Cast and Crew
Director- Vanessa Romanelli
Story by- Vanessa Romanelli
Written by- Cameron Scott
Vanessa Romanelli
Erica L. Frost
Executive Producers-
Erica L. Frost
Albert Romanelli
Produced By- Erica L. Frost
Vanessa Romanelli
In association with:
Backseat Conceptions
Cast Of Characters
(In order of appearance)
Nam Holtz Nurses
Kevin VanHentenryck. Derrick / #37
Goldie Zwiebel Edna / #38
Steve Dash Dan / #39
Erica L. Frost. Ally/ #40
Christina Myers. Choke Victim
Mikayla Iezzoni. Hailey
Vanessa Romanelli Sammy
Bob Socci Burn Victim
Production Manager- Doug Sakmann
Director Of Photography/Camera operator – Zafer Ulkucu
1st Assistant Camera -Steve DiCasa
Script Supervisor – Amber Kirkwood
Editor- Chris Tsalikis
Sound Recorder/Boom- Sam Crow
Gaffer – Kevin Meegan
Swing/VTR – Nate Spence
Practical Effects – Doug Sakmann
Costumers- Erica L. Frost
Vanessa Romanelli
Art Department- Erica L. Frost
Vanessa Romanelli
Prop Masters- Erica L. Frost
Vanessa Romanelli
SFX Makeup- Ron Hulsen
Short Synopsis
An intimate portrait of the love and bond between two young teenagers. Pact is
a stark and cold film that passionately captures the power of loss.
Technical Details
Running Time: 9:36
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Aspect: 16:9
About the Filmmaker
After working behind the scenes with JABB pictures for years, Amy Carmical
was ready to take the reins. She was excited to have the opportunity to write and
direct her own film. Pact is a no nonsense view of the hardship and pain felt by
todays youth. It does a masterful job of capturing the loneliness and abandonment
one encounters after the loss of someone close. Amy said of the experience, “I
had a great time being in the directors seat and enjoyed watching my script come
to life on screen.”
Full Cast and Crew
Written and Directed by
Amy Carmical
Director of Photography
Jason Hoover
Sound,Music and Edit by
Jason Hoover
Dakota Meyer
Taylor Simmons
Shannon Feaster
Production Assistant
Michelle Feaster
Contact Info
Amy Carmical
Shelby Vogel
Death Hug Films
Jamie Thomas
Short Synopsis
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Technical Details
Running Time: 10:00
Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Aspect: 16:9
About the Filmmaker
Stepping up to the plate after a late drop out, Jamie Thomas has created a dark
and vengeful tale of heartache and deceit.
Being only her first attempt at writing, Jamie has pushed the envelope and
brought a truly violent vision to the screen.
Full Cast and Crew
Written by
He Who Watches –
Pants Cannon Media Production
Palindromist – Spiral Filmworks
Pact – JABB pictures
JOG – Silence In The Dark Of Light