Movie Review-Zombie Apocalypse

Plot-From Asylum who are partnering up with SyFy on this one…..The VM2 virus has hit the world and has created a zombie plague that has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina. Does this sound remotely familiar?

Review-I know people are going to blame The Walking Dead for the now 20th coming of zombie direct to dvd and tv films, but let’s be honest how many came out long before Walking Dead was even on the air? The Asylum gets slammed a lot from mockbuster rip offs like Titanic II, to Snakes on a Train and etc. This is their bread and butter to make some cheap film, make a dollar and go to the next. Should we fault them for this? I say, no. Hollywood does it all the time, when they take indie films and remake them their way and rerelease them. I mean this film was not the worst thing Asylum has done and yet it is no 100 Feet, their best film to date…but for what it was, it was cheese and had some ok moments that made the time fly and less painful. One thing for sure, this film was not boring. And, as fake as the zombie kills looked, at least they were fun. And what is Ving Rhames doing these days, does he owe people money? It seems that he just pops up in all these direct to dvd films and will act in any film for a paycheck. Speaking of which, this also stars the female equivalent of him, Taryn Manning. But wait, all you My name is Earl fans who have enough of Jason Lee doing Alvin and the Chipmunks, this film has Crabman from the show..playing the same stoner role. And the script, no way did I forget this stuff…” It was a zombie… I killed it….” and Taryn god bless her..and her dialogue…” Catalina huh, is that a place we are going to”..after a three minute essay said to her about wanting to seek refuge in that place cause there were no zombies there. And, if ripping off Walking Dead was not good enough, they take a shot at Resident Evil with the zombie dog of doom. Oh boy…

Then, we find out the zombies are getting smarter, they can run, hide and make traps that the humans are not smart enough to catch on to. But, they will stand still and let you kill them or beat them up. There are 2 kinds of indie films, the kind that strives to be different and the ones that rips off elements and aspects of things that catch on in other proven successes. You can guess which one this film will fall in.

Again, this film was not the worst and as a whole was a hell of a lot more fun than expected. So, if you are bored and missing Walking Dead while they are on hiatus, this may make you wish the hiatus was over, but it may make you smile and at least have some fun. As a whole, I cannot hate the film..but I cannot recommend it either.

4 out of 10