Movie Review-Up The Creek

Plot-Originally released in 1984… Four delinquents from the worst university in the area have one chance to bring honor to their institution, it is a raft race against a few other teams like a all girl team and a military team that are the defending champs. This is from director Robert Butler who gave us that Ray Liotta film Turbulence. And stars Stephen Furst, Dan Monahan and Tim Matheson.

Review-I am really going to be showing my age on this one. I remember going to see Police Academy on the big screen and this trailer popping up before the film. Hell, I was a door guy at the theater at the time. This film had a poster in my theater, and we had the trailer on every R rated film. The film finally came out about 9 months later, and just as fast disappeared. I eventually watched it on vhs a few years later, and to be honest I did not remember that much about the initial watching. So, to see this in my mailbox was a happy surprise. The first thing I notice off the bat and this is a major downer, is this is so bare bones…you get a film and trailer. The film itself, while the transfer is ok…just feels like it was screaming for a commentary or maybe a making of. God, that would have ruled…Isn’t Tim Matheson on Burn Notice right now or something like that? This film starts off with a very dated song by Cheap Trick, it actually is the title track to the film. Tim Matheson does his best Steve Guttenberg shtick thru this whole film. It seems like this film tried to be both Meatballs and Police Academy with canoes. While the film has it’s moments, it just feels like this film had no flow or direction. Like, they said ” let’s close our eyes and see what sticks”. A film like this is going to be raunchy and try to be a film to root for an underdog. But, to tell you the truth,raunchy without humor is a waste- the humor in this film just felt so one note and desperate that I really did not care who won or loss the race, I just wanted something fun to go along with. Again, the film is not a total waste, and some of the rafting scenes were fun and the dialogue was not as bad as it could have been.

I am glad I got to re-live the 80’s again with this film, the soundtrack alone they are playing songs almost any time they can get away with it. This film boasts a record….The most times and scenes I have ever heard a title track played in a film. And that Heart song, god and I am a Heart fan……oh man, do I feel old. If you enjoyed films like Police Academy or anything National Lampoon kicked out in the early 80’s ( except that awful Class Reunion) you may have a lot of fun with this trip back to yesteryear. Kudos to MGM for releasing the old Orion films, major boos for no special features…throw us a bone.Ahem, So- what about F/X on blu ray?

5 out of 10