Movie Review-Undocumented

Plot-First time director Chris Peckover gives us this tale about a documentary crew that accompany a group of illegal immigrants crossing the Border, but their plans change when they are captured by a gang of racist radicals. What Martyrs did for women, this film will do for mexicans.

Review-IFC deserves so much credit for taking a chance on this film. This film takes the hand held shaky cam to a new high. This film tackles a hard topic in a even harder way. The first half hour of this film, is an american documentary crew that follows a group of immigrants trying to get into America illegally. They start off going on a bus on the backroads, till they get to the old drug tunnels and they all go thru these dark tunnels, women children and men. In these moments you get a fear, from  what are they getting themselves into to when will they be caught. This film creates such tensions with just the simplest of effects. That being the unknown aka…Darkness. When they get out of dark tunnels, they all jump in the back of a truck. Which is only painting this picture worst. Cause there are so many in the back, and there is so little room and air to breathe. Then from there, is when the film totally changes gears. The truck is taken over, and noone knows what is going on and much less that it is being taken over. And next thing you know, the american film crew are being held hostage with the immigrants by a radical bunch of racists that want to stop immigration by any means neccesary. In order for the crew of film makers to survive, they have to film what the radicals do to the mexicans. The tactics they use are truly disturbing, from a citizenship test that is just so cruel and cold blooded to the almost happiness the radicals have with showing the mexicans, that they are not welcome in America. This film makes the torture so intimate that as you want to not watch or look away, you are so involved and truly drawn in by the moment that you have to. This film to me is such a statement as to where films need to go. Take a staple, like the shaky camcorder or home made documentary that turns into something else, and take it in a new direction and with the immigration message, it just was so refreshing to see something creative come out of something we have seen so much in the last few years we almost want to give up hope ever liking that being found footage and camcorder films.

If I would have seen this film in December, it would have made my top 10 easily. And for 2012, it is right now the front runner for best film so far. It is just so brutal and yet, also so effective, that I think this film will get a lot of fans that will either love the film for it’s braveness or damn the film for being so cruel and cold on a topic that right now is all over the media. That is what films like this are for, to take a subject which people view as taboo and bring it to light or paint a picture that could be true. This is IFC’s best film to date. And, if you are a horror fan, torture porn fan, or Blair Witch fan, this film has something for all of you. This is a must see…

10 out of 10