Movie Review-The Tunnel

Plot-The events depicted on this film were a culmination of police evidentiary material and a journalist and her own crew’s personal tapes. In Sydney, an investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels. As a journalist and her crew go into the tunnels to find out about the cover up, they soon realize their is something else down there.

Review- The first 30 minutes of the film, we get the dialogue of two of the main characters as they run us thru the events that lead up to them going into the tunnel systems and why they did it. We learn this crew is investigating a network of tunnels underneath Sydney and discovering why the Government abandoned its plans to use an underground reservoir in the hopes of relieving Australia’s water crisis. But, they start to dig further into this story, and wonder what happened to the homeless people who lived in these tunnels. This film goes back and forth from the two main characters sharing their take on what is going on, and us watching it for ourselves. Things pick up when they discover Trevor (or Trev as he likes to be called) he was one of the homeless who was in The Tunnel. As soon as they start to ask questions, he freaks out and runs into a corner. Then, Natalie who is the journalist and wants to get a story out of this situation in the tunnels, starts to go to you tube for her research and discover there is something going on underneath the train station which is the main series of tunnels in Sydney.

The next 30 minutes are the creep factor. You just know something is going to go down. As they head into these tunnels, that look like they were sets on Alien or Descent. This film just gives the viewer such a feeling, that something could go down at any time and has your attention. It builds the story and the suspense to such a point, that when it finally goes down, it feels like the letting go of a rubber band wrapped too tight around your wrist. And they do it so smart and creative, that you feel for the characters and are thrown into this situation with them. There is a scene that involves ringing a bell, that was such a simple yet effective scene. Esp. when they have the cutaway scene when Natalie gets to hear what the guys heard on the headphones when the bell rang.

The last 30 minutes was almost a Blair Witch meets Descent feel. I know there are so many found footage films and trapped in caves, tunnels or whatever films. But, the last 30 minutes of this film, with the scratched up camera lens and you having to get a glimpse of what may or may not be happening was just awesome. That this film almost felt like it owed the fans a slam ending that will get them talking, and it delivered. I had a blast with this little creep fest. This is a very slow burner, that picks up and delivers the goods for the patient fans.

All in all, this is one of the best found footage films I have seen in a very long time.

8.5 out of 10