Movie Review-The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue

This film is right now doing the festival circuit, unknown about a dvd or vod release…

Plot-Marion and Jarmon Mugg run this apartment complex on Belmont Avenue. Besides the last remaining tenants complaining about living conditions to the guys, they are now faced with everyone losing their pets. They soon discover that the reason for this is in the basement. Not only does Freddy Kruger live in this apartment complex so does a Mole Man. Will our two hopeless slackers stop this Mole Man. And before the review, I will geek out..Police Academy and SNL fans, Tim Kazurinski has a part in this film as well. And if you are a R Kelly Trapped in the Closet fan, Tom also stars in this film.

Review-This film is basically a stoned version of Caddyshack injected with some Ghostbusters if they were chasing Mole Men instead of ghosts. You have two slacker brothers, who’s answer for everything is going to the bar. They steal electricity from the neighboring church, and even the most loyal tenants they have hate being there. One day, they just happen to be going to see someone upstairs and while they are complaining amongst themselves, they notice a mole man trying to get a dog out the mail shoot at the bottom of a apartment door. The whole premise of this film, is them trying to stop the mole man, but along the way they get distracted by non paying tenants that get them stoned. In which Marion and Jarmon, are having both hallucinations and also beside them being on a couch with a group of other stoners= they are witnesses to a stoned couple having sex while the guy at the other end who is out of it, keeps saying that is his girlfriend. The reason I did the whole scene, this is the humor of the film. The Mole man character is basically about 30 percent of the film, the other 70 is this film just trying to either make you laugh or just keep your attention till they get to the pursuit of the mole man. Which it is hard for me to knock a film that tried so hard to keep my attention and have fun, but after a while, the jokes all seem to be around the same material and just got the point of redundant. From faking vandalism to having the cops come and harass them. Which, I will say right now…the cop scenes for me were such fun and did try to be more sharp humor as opposed to the dumbed down stoner humor that the film had so much of, and it is a shame the cops did not have more material and scenes to work with. And there is another scene I was a fan of, that involved the bartenders boyfriend and the 2 brothers in a fight, that I also thought was funny. Robert Englund was completely fun for his short stint, especially hearing him go all pervert on the cell phone was hilarious.

Again, if a film was graded on good intentions and heart more than what the finished product was..this film would be on the top of all the critics lists. I did not hate the film by any means, I just think in this case less would have been more. At 30 minutes this film would have been so much better, at 90–it was a decent attempt, but I just started to lose interest around the hour mark, and by the end I was just glad it was over..more than caring about what happened. Again, the film starts off so promising, and some of the ideas do work. It is just not enough to carry a 90 minute film.

4 out of 10