Movie Review-Spider Hole

Coming to home video January 31st 2012

Plot-Spider Hole is about what happens when four homeless art students decide to take up residence in an abandoned house where from the get go things do not seem right. From bloody clothes that they find, to being locked in this house and not able to escape. You know films this like, things will go from bad to worst and they do. Also in this house is a doctor, who is looking for patients to operate on.

Review-I have to give credit where it’s due. IFC’s line up for January on home video is amazing. They have something for every kind of horror or grindhouse fan. With Undocumented, Dead Hooker in a Trunk and now Spider Hole. This film is not trying to invent the wheel, almost every situation or twist in the plot, we have seen a million times but the saving grace to this film, was that while it was not was fun. The film builds the characters nicely, it is one of those situations that when they do not leave, you can truly relate. They have no where else to go. When they start adding the pieces of the puzzle together is when the film really takes off. Around the 40 minute mark, is when the gore hounds will salivate. You get limb removal, you get eye removal, and you get some good old fashion suspense and paranoia. This film is smart, instead of the ” oh, our cell phones do not work in here” scenario, they just get them stolen in their sleep which to me is such a better deal, than the ” oh we have no signal” storyline. This film implies a lot more than it shows, so for you less is more fans of horror. This film could be your cup of tea also. I mean, you get gore moments and a lot of gross out scenes, but they do not go too overboard, and keep it simple and base this film on more of what you think will happen as opposed to what really does happen. This is the first film from Daniel Simpson, which I hope we get to see some more from. He concentrates more on the story aspect than the killing aspect. He builds his tension from the easiest of things, like pure hopelessness. This is just a really fun tense thriller with some blood and gore thrown in to keep the viewer on their toes. And that ending, which for the life of me, I was not the biggest fan of. After films like Cold Sweat, Martyrs, and The Loved Ones..this is another tired concept that I hope sees its end soon. I wont give it all away, but if you seen those three films you know what they have in common.

All in all, this was a fun little thriller that had me from start to finish, with a decent script, smart characters and a nod to a few horror films I am a fan of, without flat out insulting or copying them to the point of plagiarism. Kudos to IFC, and just think next on their slate is this little ditty you guys are readying yourselves for which is called …Human Centipede II. I think smart horror is finding a new home and it is called IFC.

7.5 out of 10