Movie Review-Sid and Nancy ( on blu ray)

Before I start this review…all I can say is thank you Jesus, finally this is on blu ray..thank you for the awesome production, sound and picture…now onto the review…

Plot-In 1986, Alex Cox ( Repo Man, Straight to Hell) directed this film about the infamous Sid Vicious ( played by Gary Oldman) and Nancy Spungen ( Chloe Webb) and the rise and fall of one of the true punk icons.

Review-The backstory on this film is Johnny Rotten ( aka Lydon) did not approve of this film. Even to this day, he is whining and bitching to any bloke who will listen. But, for us music fans who know about PIL, and every band who ever remade a Sex Pistols song, knows Johnny will cry and complain about everything, And, thank god the band and Johnny were such a small part of this film. To me, in 1986 when people were talking about Purple Rain and that cult film Spinal Tap, this is the film that I bragged about. From that poster art with the two doomed lovers kissing over a dumpster to quite possibly the best soundtrack to any film. From The Pogues doing Haunted, to Strummer doing Love Kills, to even Gary Oldman doing his best Sid Vicious for some songs. The soundtrack to the film is perfect. The film is a classic. I have seen this film at a movie theater, on beta, vhs, dvd, cable and now blu ray. I will say if you do not own this film, stop reading this review and go get this blu ray…hell go buy the cd..and not some itunes crap or torrent..go buy the original with that amazing cover art and those cool pictures on the inside sleeve. Joe Strummer’s haunting chorus to Love Kills really fits the mood of this film. Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious, is spot on perfect..esp for us die hard Sex Pistols fans…you really think it is Sid. And Chloe Webb as Nancy, really paints a desperate picture. And to think Courtney Love was the original first choice to play Nancy Spungen…And there is a scene near the end which is a dream sequence where The Pogues-Junk is playing and it so surreal and perfect, you felt like you were watching Behind the Music..even though they never go in detail about what happened at the Chelsea, or Sid’s death…the end shot of this film is just so perfect to make you feel that maybe they were both victims of something. Even though, Sid was on a path of self destruction and Nancy was a sad lost girl who so happened to be a junkie and thru this wanted to fit in, and fell in love with the notion of being famous and with a band. I am not sure if she ever truly loved Sid, but you get the feeling neither one of them were truly in love, but kept each other around for just the fuck of it.

I know people will claim Gary Oldman in Prick up your ears, playing Joe Orton was his best role..but I say it is in Sid and Nancy by far. This is when Gary was fearless like Christian Bale and just threw himself in this role and became Sid. The blu ray is perfect, and quite possibly the best I have seen this film to date. The sound, and quality is top notch..To me best music film ever is a tie between this and Pink Floyd The Wall. This film is just so depressing and brillant…makes me wonder if Johnny Rotten would just stop being such a fool and watch this film, and finally respect the legacy of Sid Vicious that he could stop bitching and maybe join the rest of us and call this a classic. Chloe Webb and Jennifer Jason Leigh, best two actresses ever that should have major

10 out of 10

a minor note…this would make a great double feature with Control the film about Ian Curtis of Joy Division…