Movie Review-Shark Night

Plot-When Sara and her friends arrive at her family’s Louisiana lake house, that is almost in the middle of a lake. They soon discover the lake is infested with killer sharks. This is the newest film from David Ellis who gave us Snakes on a Planes and The Final Destination.Someone get all these fucking sharks out of my motherfucking lake..sorry I could not resist..

Review-I will say I am a huge fan of shark films. So when the news first broke about this film, I will admit I was stoked. Give me a decent story, some suspense and a fin, and let us not forget.. some helpless people…and you got my full attention. So why did I not love this film? For starters, you can tell from the get go I mean within seconds that this film is going to play it safe for a PG 13 rating. If you seen the trailer anywhere, there is a scene where a girl in a bikini is walking in the water getting close to this ladder dock. That scene just felt like Jaws-lite. Like it was trying to create the same feeling and failed badly. Then, we get to meet the obnoxious friends who all leave together to go to Sara’s family lake house and on the way they meet Sara’s friends from yesteryear who hate what Sara has become. And, they try to create some side story which really felt so phony and just awfully overacted about lost love. So, we all seen the trailer where the guy is water skiing and the shark gets him off the ski and they save him and he has to be rushed ashore. Well, you can guess things happen and they are trapped on this island with a home full of food hot women, alcohol but no phones that can work. Why in thell would anyone want to leave that, esp when they know there is a lake full of sharks? Well as this plot would have it, they are worried about their friend safety cause he lost his arm in the shark attack, so much so, that there is a scene when the one armed man goes into the water to fight with the sharks with a spear. So he is so weak and on the verge of dying but can go fight a shark. And some of the scenes even on blu ray were so dark that you could not see the shark fin but by the reactions you assumed the shark was coming and they could see it.

And not to spoil anything, but the twist is awful and made zero to no sense and actually made me wish they fed the script to the sharks instead. And how fake do these sharks look…esp the scene with the trap door, it was almost like they gave up trying by that point. The script was bad, the actors were so one note and just so the film is not a total waste. There are a few cool moments here and there, and why this film was in 3D I have zero to no idea. But, with all the shark jumpings and shark almost smiling at the seemed like I was watching some cheap syfy film..and what is with the cover..I love the original theater poster for the film..This cover looks like the upcoming cd from Great White.

All in all, could have been a lot better and could have been a whole lot worst..and I really loved the music video at the very end. I wish the whole film would have had the energy and life that little 5 minutes did.

4 out of 10