Movie Review-Sand Sharks

Before I give my plot and review…the film studio asked if i would post the press here it goes…

An underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean’s surface unleashing a prehistoric predator. On the sleepy island of White Sands, local teens drink and party beside a beach bonfire. One of them wanders off after a pretty girl and disappears, leaving only a severed hand behind. It appears it’s been bitten and ripped off by a vicious animal. This looks like a shark bite, but it’s found well above the high tide line, it can’t be a shark… Or can it? Jimmy Green (Corin Nemec), prodigal party boy and son of the mayor, returns home to White Sands with a scheme to breathe some life into the dying economy (and clear his debt to a mobster) by throwing a huge spring break party: The Sandman Festival. Jimmy runs into his ex, and now Deputy Sherriff, Brenda Young (Vanessa Lee Evigan). She and her brother, the Sheriff, want to close the island beaches in fear of further shark attacks, which would ruin Jimmy’s plans. Brenda calls in an expert, shark scientist Dr. Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan), as the attacks continue. Dr. Powers says it appears to be a sand shark, a beast which moves through the sand as if it was water. A shark is electrocuted by accident, but it’s soon discovered that this shark, though gigantic, was only a baby! The festival continues and thousands of college kids arrive just as dozens of sand sharks make their presence known, attracted by the vibrations of the crowd and the PA system. The most menacing beasts to ever rule the waters, now rule the sand; mercilessly feeding on anything that crosses their path. It’s a giant feeding frenzy and it’s up to Brenda, Sandy, the Sherriff, and Jimmy to stop the carnage.

Plot-Imagine if a shark could get out of water and attack you on the sand. Well this film brings that fear to life. Now for a moment also picture a Jaws like film with the Richard Dreyfuss role played by Brooke Hogan and Corin Nemec ( Parker Lewis Can’t Lose) as the mayor’s son who wants to throw a party on White Sands for a Sandman Festival that there will be millions of people to party. Lord, just when it was getting kind of safe to go back in the water, now we have to worry about the sand.

Review-This film is best described by a scene that I thought best put this film in perspective. A scene with two guys on this raft and they are supposedly in the middle of the beach. And a shark knocks over the raft..and they are then forced to carry it and run out of the water. Yes, run they were hunting for a shark in knee deep water with a camera panning back like they are in the middle of this massive beach. This film was just goofy. And to tell you the truth, if you know what you are getting into, the film is just so silly and utter stupid, that it becomes fun. Now, I am not saying this is a classic or anything like that, but it was not boring and I admit some scenes were so bad that they were funny to me. This is what channels like SYFY and a few companies are pushing and the sad part, it is becoming almost their bread and butter. You know going into it, the acting will be bad, the special effects will be either non existent or silly to the point of unwatchable. When a character named Sparks fixes a power line it kills the main shark around the 30 minute mark, and then Brooke Dreyfuss discovers that there may be more than one. No offense, cause I know Brooke Hogan also has that other shark film coming out with mega actress of many oscars Carmen Elektra, so she also sees that she needs to improve on her acting talent. I mean, Brooke deserves credit..she took her dad’s millions and wanted to be the next Britney Spears..that flopped…then she rode her fathers coat tails and wanted to be a reality star, and that flopped. Now,she is getting bit roles that require nothing more than a blank stare and lines that could be read by anyone and acted as well by anyone.

Again, this film is not a total waste. This was more fun than anything else I seen in this vein in quite a while. And kudos to the blink and you will miss it cameo by the face/off make up guy Tom Devlin. And, thank god for this film- now that trivia question about what happened to Corin will not be asked this year. The sharks look ridiculously fake, and the dialogue is so bad, th you can go along with it’s utter campy cheese and get a laugh or two, or you will just shut it off and totally dismiss it. I had fun with it. Would I watch it again, sure…why not, I had a fun enough time with parts of this film. And another cameo was Nick Hogan, who thank god did not get a speaking part..he just did what he does best smiles and waves and cashed a paycheck for being a no one. This film is what it is….if this was shot more as a comedy or spoof than it was..and they took away the hokey-ness of the sharks jumping out of the sand so much, it would have been so much better.

5 out of 10