Movie Review-Removal

Plot-After witnessing a friend’s suicide, things haven’t been the same for Cole. He is being tormented by what appear to be hallucinations. After working several double shifts, Cole thought things couldn’t get any worse – until he’s called out to an all-night carpet cleaning job for a man named Henry, who leads him to believe he has just killed his wife. As he hurries to clean the place, Cole’s hallucinations start to take over, and Lionsgate tries to give you another Session 9 for the new decade almost…

Review-This film was so odd and complicated, that it sort of worked. This is basically a film about Cole’s descent into madness. He is a pill popping depressant, who has all these hallucinations, that when you add the lack of sleep, you know that the lines between real and fake will be so blurred that even us the viewers will be scratching our heads. And to me, that worked for this film. This film unfolds like a giant puzzle, that you just know each piece means something and that by the end the pieces will all make the picture clear. Sad to say, this film does not let you off the hook that easily. This film spirals from insanity to just pure second guessing each character and scene. When, Henry comes into the picture, the dillusions get worst..he thinks Henry killed his wife, while he is questioning his own sanity and what is going on. Again, this film is a very thought provoking film that if you are expecting a A equals B to make C formula, you will be letdown. This film reminded me at times of the mood of Session 9. Just so bleak and slow burning, that when things do happens, you almost are so confused by the actions that you are not sure what is happening. Does this make any sense? Trust me, this film makes zero sense, but it was not boring. The actors did very good with the material they were given, and the pacing of this film while not my favorite kind of pacing, ( you know the very slow plot and slower build up) for this film almost. The last 30 minutes of this film were so odd, I thought the reveal happened way too soon…that you even know they felt the same, so they backpeddle the remainder of the film to fit this. That should have been the last shot of this film, and it may have been better off. Then, of course we get the flashbacks and dumbing down of what we were watching to explain to us, which this film just made the last 20 mins to seem like they were not trusting the viewer to get the twist on their own. So they will overexplain it and hammer it into us. While still leaving so many questions that should have been adressed or answered.

The film is harmless. It was not a borefest, nor did it lose my attention..though at times, it felt really redundant like they were pounding the point into me…” did you get it..” ok…” let’s show you again” ok ” we can re show you the plot twist yet again”…are you following…As a whole, this may be a ok rental….who knows there may be a film base for this film..

6.5 out of 10