Movie Review-Pop Punk Zombies

Plot-What happens when a music agent takes 3 zombies and makes them a pop punk band? Do you see most of the music that people are buying into today..maybe this would not be such a bad idea. Eddy, the leading character is love sick, he cannot forget the love of his life who left him so his friend takes him from his ho hum life to go see the Vicious Vegans play live. Once there, you can guess what happens.

Review-It is easy to point a finger and be negative about this low budget film which I will do a lot in this review. But, you know around the 15 minute mark, I sort of opened up to this film a little more than the first 15, but really not much..I think I learned to tolerate it. I dug the song they played live and I liked some of the kills in the film. I sort of liked the concept, one time we are running away from zombies but with films in the last few years like Fido and this, for example now we are embracing them somewhat. A film like this, my main gripe is, you know you have a small budget and you know the gore will come out cheap and bad, why even go there. I said this about American Scream King, they knew what they could afford, and they used that to their benefit. This film had a different twist to it, but instead of focusing on that, it had to try and be something that every other film is. The first 5 minutes alone, if you can make it thru may as well finish the film. The actors were low budget, no talent displayed in this film, they seemed like just cut out images of other characters in other films, doing the same thing line by tired line. I liked some of the zombie attacks, and the chasing of the victims..but again, if they did not go the gore route so much, and just went suspense or flat out funny, it would have been so much better. And why make the characters so serious? It does not work for a wanna be tongue and cheek film. The actors should have been able to just have fun and not try to act like all the other actors they watched and that inspired them for this film.

At the end of the day, it is a first film for almost everyone involved and they are getting their feet wet and I do not want to dog them too much, cause I believe if they have a bigger budget and maybe more experienced actors and actresses, that they may make a film that really is good. But, as far as debuts go, good concept..horrible film.. I love the tagline..punk is not dead, but these punkers are…I got a better one..I do not want to be a zombie idiot….

2 out of 10