Movie Review-Next Stop Wonderland

Plot-Thanks to the great people at Echo Bridge, we get yet another classic finally on dvd. An unlucky in love nurse finds her life taking a detour when her mother places a personals ad in the paper.

Review-Boy look at the talent in this film. Directed by Brad Anderson, or as you fans know the man behind that film I cannot stand that has a lot of fans called Session 9…and then made Christian Bale go skeleton in Machinist…among many other films. Also the lovely and awesome Hope Davis, and someone a friend of mine met named Phillip Seymour Hoffman. If you seen his other film Love Liza, you will see him running down my street. This film I originally watched on a date in a very small obscure art house theater in New Orleans because it was raining too bad on Burbon Street and we wanted to get out of the rain. We were the only two in the theater, and this film I remember having a great time with. Plus, afterward during our walk we had a lot to share and talk about. Now, I finally have it on dvd and to witness it now, it did not miss a step. It is clearly as amazing and beautifully shot as it was intended to be. The sound and picture were perfect. This film is just a love story that never happens. The whole film is based on someone wanting to be in love after being dumped..and it follows Alan who is this nice guy and you almost want them to connect or meet. And, the whole film builds their story to the point that the ending is almost like a postcard from a beautiful destination that you know the film would be heading to if it had ten more minutes or more. I think Hope Davis is a great actress that deserved a bigger break than being some Aunt in Real Steel or a bit role here or there. And, Phillip Seymour Hoffman after Happiness he deserves the stars, and moon. This film is just perfect to me, and I would recommend any couple who like to cuddle and watch romantic comedies would have a good time with it. Or any bastard like me, who watches all this gore and nudity and has no heart…to still enjoy it.

8 out of 10