Movie Review-Killer in the Dark ( aka Seance)

Plot-Originally titled Seance in 2001. First and only time director John Preston gives us a tale starring that 80’s no hit wonder Corey Feldman as John who along with his brother when they were kids were haunted by a ghost. Now, that he is much older now..him and his friends want to hold a seance to bring the ghost back to life. Why? Cause when you drink, and smoke dope and play video games with your friends..this always seems like a great idea.

Review-This has a cameo by Adam West. And forget the front name on the box, he is in the film for about 11 minutes and has probably less than 8 lines. I wish I could say the same thing about Corey Feldman. As bad as the whole cast is in the overacting and just weird facial expressions, I can almost chalk them up to beginners or still new. But, lord when Corey is the worst actor in the film..that really tells you all you need to know. If you are a WOW fan..(and not World of Warcraft but the women of wrestling) you will recognize Summer in this film..well her name is Shannon Malone…she is not the best actress on the planet, but given the material she is working with..we can only hope for the least she does not try to hard. Also this film stars Mikki Padilla, she plays high stakes blackjack on card shows. She has more emotional range holding two cards then she does trying to fight an evil spirit..that is pretty bad. This film all centers around Michael Miller. As the film opens we watch him and his father get killed at this church. Thru this murder, Michael’s spirit haunts John and his brother. Which thanks to their god loving grandmother and her faith, they stop the spirit from causing them harm. And one night some many moons later, cause Corey Feldman even though at the filming of this film was in his 30’s, he had to play a teenager. And just think Stand by Me came out how long ago and he played a kid. So hollywood’s age cycle does not exist. And of course, he has to make out with all the actresses in the film, almost shocked he did not tongue his grandmother and his mom. All the other women were not so lucky, he made out with them. Even if they had a boyfriend and in love, they fell for Corey. When they go into another realm during the seance is when the film attempts to create a mood and it just becomes so silly, that even the kills were just blah…This film was so confusing, and lord why skimp on the shower scene and the death that happened. This was such a moment that could have been cool. And it was just as silly as the other 90 minutes. No offense to any woman, but if you have an actress teasing the screen, and playing it off like she is going to deliver this over the top shower scene, and you just show her face..and she looks like she is uncomfortable…how many of us take showers and feel uncomfortable? She could have at least faked it. And the death scene after it was such a rip off of every other film from the history of horror. Thank god though, this black eye did not effect Corey and his future know Lost Boys 2…Lost Boys 3…The Two Corey’s and whatever film some hack director that wants to take their chances on a actor who should never have made a dime doing acting cause he has no talent to play a teenager in yet again. Corey has the acting range of a stick.

1.5 out of 10