Movie Review-In Time

Coming to home video January 31st

Plot-In the future, time has become our main currency. The more time you have, the richer you are. Currency is done in time, transferred by computer chips installed in the forearm almost like a weird time clock. After you hit 25, you get one more year to live. The good news, you can get more time..all you have to do is steal or buy it. Justin Timberlake plays Will, one chance night he encounters a rich man who has 108 years left to live, and when Will falls asleep the guy gives Will all his time. Will is now the main suspect in his murder. So, after Will does not make it back to his mom before she dies or her time expires, Will decides to go to the rich people’s time zone to make them pay for this and for the others who are suffering and are dying cause they cannot afford any more time. Along the way, he decides to rob some time banks, and falls in love with one of the richest people’s daughter, avoid the Minute men ( who are thieves) and Cillian Murphy as the cop aka Time Keeper.

Review-On paper, this film sounds like it could work. Look at the positives that would be seen on this paper, Cillian Murphy, a new concept and Andrew Niccol’s follow up to the very underrated Lord of War from the director who was also responsible for that film that has this huge cult following called Gattaca. So, you know right away..that Andrew will at least give us something different and put a lot of thought into it. The actual film, I am not sure who to lay the blame most on. The director or the actors? Justin Timberlake tries, but his performance is so flat and at times he comes across as so boring and predictable. That the scene he is crying over his mom’s dead body, just felt like a very bad SNL skit. And the scenes with him and Cillian, he looked like he was way over his head and damn if Cillian looked like he had to hold back not to totally expose Justin. If Cillian was casted as Will, and Justin in a bit part like a bad guy, it would have been such a way better film. Amanda Seyfried to me is a one trick pony. She seems to play the same part in each film. She needs that one breakout role, that establishes her and will show finally that she is for real. Sadly yet again, this is not it. She is unconvincing and just downright so bland and bottom-line laughable. And them robbing banks led me to these thoughts. 1. Where is the security? 2.You are telling me these two can survive a few car wrecks, a car being flipped, getting shot, and yet can run for their lives for 10 minutes non stop?

What worked for me? Well for starters, the concept. I love the idea, of time being a currency, and the urgency of wanting more and more of it daily. Cillian Murphy who really shined yet again. Why he is not a major star in a major vehicle is beyond me. I am sure unless that paycheck had a lot of 0’s his resume will probably not mention that he played opposite of Justin in this film. I liked the mood and sets of this film, I felt like I was in the future and that aspect of the film was important. I mean, the 2 leads were horrible so the sets and background had to at least save some of the scenes. I wont even talk about the poker game that Justin and Amanda’s dad in the film played, it was sort of a goof. I play all the time, and from their faces to just the betting, even the worst players at any table act better than they did.

All in all, this film will have its lovers and haters. As a whole, I was bored by the leads, but I dug the concept and Cillian enough to was almost watchable.

4 out of 10