Movie Review-Hot Coffee

Plot-Hot Coffee is a fact revealing documentary with some serious questions on how american business and justice runs. This documentary exposes how corporations spend millions on propaganda campaigns to distort Americans’ view of lawsuits forever changing the civil justice system. By examining the impact of tort reform ( procedural limits on the ability to file claims) on the lives of ordinary citizens, the film shows how Americans give up their Constitutional rights in all sorts of ways without knowing by doing things as easy as filling out a hew hire form for a job. This is first-time filmmaker and former public-interest lawyer Susan Saladoff statement on what sees is wrong in our legal system and also what people get away with. Basically she is telling you, as americans we are not as free as we seem to think.

Review-I remember when I first heard the news that Stella Lieback burned herself with coffee and wanted to sue McDonald’s for a couple million. The news and talk shows all made it seem like she was out for money, at that time no one had any idea the extent of her burns and what damage it caused her. We just knew that McDonald’s told everyone she was out for money and that others do this all the time and they seem to be fine. This was branded by McDonald’s as a ” junk” lawsuit. This documentary deals heavily with ” tort reform”. In plain terms where people are not in the dark, ” screw the customer if you are hurt or harmed”. This shows a lot of tort reformists salivating and jumping all over this case, like sharks to blood. The true evil in our society, tried to take away her day in court while not having any info or clue as to the extent of her injuries and to be honest and blunt just not caring, just to try and make her look bad and smear her name as someone out to be paid for something that happens all the time to so many others. America is the only country that has documentaries about our government and their evils, the police force and what they do wrong, the medical profession, health care, companies who rip off people and now modern businesses we go to every day and has become as common as the air we breathe, which of course, we the people help build only to see, now behind our backs are making sure if we ever want anything from them, they would damage us, belittle us, and just destroy our credibility. And after watching this, to know McDonald’s is still making millions upon billions worldwide is so pathetic and sad. McDonald’s has to be even leading Wal Mart, as the company that has more law suits filed againist them. I hope after watching this case, that people change their opinions about who they give their hard earned cash to. Now, if you sit here and think ok, this is just one point of view…Case 2 will def. get your attention…this focuses on the capping on damages that may be awarded by juries. The story focuses on a Nebraska family who have suffered at the hands of blatant medical error. The couple was awarded a six million dollar judgment to cover a lifetime of care for a son who experienced brain damage and severe physical trauma and will, essentially, never grow-up mentally. Their state has a cap on damages and automatically reduced the judgment significantly. This is every parents biggest fear, what if you were giving birth and a doctor made a error and your child suffered for it. Of course, tort reformists again circled this prey like a shark, and to see this innocent family suffer and have to fight for their rights, it is just sad. Now, we have learned the hospital profession, and the fast food industries have their PR people who make people look like they are greedy or asking for way too much and that there is nothing to these suits or accusations. Why does defending our rights have to feel like a modern day David vs Goliath? Like Wal Mart, who just keeps the courts waiting and postpones suits till the people are broke and lost all their money on fees. When did standing up for ourselves seem such a losing battle, like we have no rights at all when it goes againist people who are stronger and have more money? Which leads us to Case 3-the persecution of Mississippi justice Oliver Diaz. Diaz’s seat was challenged by candidates with funding by big business who were strong on tort reform and corporate interests. In a weird yet common in these days and times, turn of events, Diaz was implicated in numerous nefarious illegalities and fought for his life and freedom against a system that wanted him out. This statement will offend most americans, and I will take 100 percent credit for it. You know when the recession had its long term efffect on america that is worst now then it was then? Is when Ronald Reagan came into office, and decided then that if you had a certain amount of income you would get all these tax cuts and breaks. He looked out for his hollywood elite and the major companies that funded his campaign like the banks. If Tom Cruise made 80 million dollars in 2012, at the end of the year..after he fills out his statement and does his taxes, he will still have 80 million dollars. If I or you made 80 thousand dollars this year, at the end of the year and our taxes we will be lucky to clear 49 thousand. You watch CNN and know that there is more to what they tell you. This really opened my eyes to know how many seats in congress are bought and paid for, and how many people are soul less parasites who deserve to burn in hell…that the votes you see by congress on tv are basically the big businesses and banking industries playing their puppets to help them secure more funding by the US and keep them with their billion dollar lifestyles. This shows me also, what happens when someone knows something is wrong and does not want to take part in it. How they will smear him and make him look like he was the in the wrong. They have this pretty picture full of lies they feed americans daily and most americans do not care, they have no worries. Sad, more americans do not do their research and speak out againist the evils around them. Content till it happens to them, welcome to Americana 2012… This was really was eye opening and jaw dropping as to the extent people will go to try and smear someone. If Hot Coffee was painting a black eye on McDonald’s, this paints a black eye on congress and the US as a whole as to know that hell will not be so empty when life is said and done. Case 4 and the final one was one near and dear to my heart as I went thru almost the same thing when I was a manager at Best Buy, as you see, all 4 go in different directions as to what they are covering in terms of the legal rights we have…this is a Halliburton case where a young woman alleged that the company put her in harm’s way which led to a brutal physical assault. As the company had a mandatory arbitration clause in their employment contract, the alleged victim was subject to in-house investigation where, of course, Halliburton was always in control. This is basically about a young woman having her day in court and what she had to go thru to get there. You sit there and honestly feel that if things happened in the opposite and she did the evil to the company, that she would have already been in court and in jail within minutes of the act. But, since it was the opposite this was a anger induced look at how the legal system and companies throw all care out the window and for us, to always read what you sign with a company in terms of a application or new hire form. If you are a manager at Best Buy or Wal Mart or general manager of a few theater chains, ( I am not of course speaking from experience…no not me) they make you sign agreements and contracts that make sure you know they are in control…that is the legal way to put it. And now more than ever, they have new clauses that say, we have the right to terminate this contract with you at any time and you cannot recieve compensation ( also known as unemployment) if these things went on. Basically they can fire you when they need to and you are out of a job with no money coming from it.

This is beyond a must, and I think this should be required viewing at school. Let the children see and know their rights and to know that no matter how big the Goliath is, what makes David matter is he is not scared to fight and sometimes he does win, but some times he is just proud that he fought

9 out of 10