Movie Review-Gurozuka

The Film’s Tagline-Synapse Films is proud to present Yôichi Nishiyama’s GUROZUKA, a stylized horror film in the tradition of SCREAM and genre-bending Japanese classic, THE RING!

Plot-A fun little getaway trip turns into more than some teenage girls and their adult chaperone bargained for. While visiting an isolated house to rehearse and perform a play for their private movie club, the girls learn that a previous club member might have went missing in the house, and another went crazy. As fate would have it-they watch a mysterious videotape with shows a violent killer wearing a mask. They are not sure if this footage is real or fake. But, soon all their food and equipment disappears and one of the girls is haunted by visions of the masked demon.

Review-Asian or as they called it J Horror was all the rage for a little while, and I am one of the first to say..I was happy that after One Missed Call and Shutter, that it went away or just slowly died whatever one fits. This film while not the worst, just suffers from being so predictable and almost a carbon copy of other films that were successful. I for one, will say I liked the videotape of the girl in the mask. That was sort of fun and cool. It was really a neat mask and built in a sense of you know this could be real and she is going to get them. It built up an excitement. Too bad the film as a whole could not work off that excitement. This film is just so long drawn out and so heavily trying to be character and story based that when the scary stuff starts to happen it is almost a little too late to save the film. Now, before I get knocked..I love story based films and character based films but when about 75 percent of the film is like that..seriously.. I love the mood the videotape had towards the direction of the film, but it just seemed like the director wanted the fans to be patient, so much so, it takes almost half of the film to get the suspense back that the videotape in the beginning started. The second part of this film, if you dissect it for the parts instead of the whole was the strongest. It gave you some jump moments and was Ring-lite I guess would be fair. And, by the end you will probably be glad you stuck it out.

Now, where this film sort of gets a few points is that things are not what they seem. The film is clever in which it makes you think is this a ghost, a dream or something else. It had a few moments that I felt like giving up on it, as the story at times felt a little uneven and unsure of itself. But, in the end it finished nicely and was a ok to a point film. Would I watch it again..probably not. Would I recommend people to watch it, unless you are the most die hard J horror fans and have to see everything, this may not be your cup of tea. But, if you are just looking for a film to pass your time with and you run out of options, this is not too bad, though it could have been so much better….

5 out of 10